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  1. P

    Sold Ukpk g10 black

    SOLD Hi, I am selling my black ukpk with g10 handles. It is an earlier one bought from HH as soon as they got them in stock. I’ve carried it and it’s had light use but hasn’t been sharpened. It’s been kept in the knife drawer. No box. I much prefer my blue part serrated drop nose lightweight for...
  2. P

    Sold Spyderco Rescue jr, Roadie, Walker Lightweight

    Three Spyderco knives for sale; Sold Michael Walker Lightweight C22PSBK part serrated, almost new and in box. Liner lock. Zytel handle and integrated clip. Opened and closed as it’s a great design in the hand, but I never carried it. £35 including postage & PayPal fee Sold Sold Spyderco Roadie...
  3. P

    Sold Spyderco D’Alton Holder Toad

    SPF Used Spyderco D’Alton Holder Toad with plain edge in original box. I carried this only a few times after I bought it years ago and at some point with loose change in my pocket, which left marks on the almite scale as can be seen in the images. Since then it has lived in it’s original box...
  4. XIX

    Sold Spyderco UKPK Distressed Blue scales £30

    I have for sale a set of distressed blue metal Scales for a Spyderco UKPK (FRN). I’m not sure what the material is as I got them on a knife in trade but decided to swap them. They could be Aluminium or Ti? They are very light. They were modded by Oakedge customs. They have never been carried...
  5. D

    High-performing steel - purpose made kitchen knives

    Hello! I would like to buy my husband a kitchen knife for Christmas and I would appreciate any advice or recommendations you can give. My husband has a passion for knives and a keen interest in steel. In particular, I know he likes VG10 steel and equivalent grades of steel. I am looking at...
  6. XIX

    Sold Spyderco Brouwer-price drop!

    Good used condition-some minor snail trails to the Ti side as I have tried to picture. It’s hard to photograph the true colour of the Green G10 but Heinnie has good pics and there are videos on YouTube. Lovely little knife which flips open nice and quick using the spider-hole. £130...
  7. C

    Sold Spyderco PM2

    I have a Blurple Spyderco 2 with S110v blade steel .... boxed and razor sharp ... over 18’s only ...£130 all in ..... cash on collection welcome from Southend on sea
  8. C

    Hello from Essex

    Hello people.....I just signed up to have a look what's about ...I am located in Essex...I am on a few other blade forums but its getting harder to find anything which is mainly UK based ....I have a few Spyderco's that I am looking for and some that I can trade .
  9. J

    Spring Cleaning (Spyderco, BRKT, Mora/Kabar)

    Time for a little spring clearing... 1. Spyderco Bill Moran Drop Point VG10 (As new) £55 ... Now £50 (£82.95 @ ) Apologies for the poor photo, but it is mint. 2. Bark River Highland Special A2 Green Canvas Micarta (BNIB) >> SOLD £75.00 (Same as this one...
  10. Lynx

    Spyderco Caly 3 "Super Blue" (Reduced-Last chance!)

    .......this will be removed next week if it hasn't sold. Spyderco Caly 3 Super Blue BNIB and never used. This knife it's rather like a backlock version of a UKPK. It has grey G-10 scales. http://www.heinnie.com/Caly3-Super-Blue-Steel/p--10202/ I paid £144 for this and it is now reduced...
  11. spader

    Folders clear out - Cold Steel, Magnum, Buck, Kershaw, Spyderco, Custom Damascus EDC

    For sale - quoted price includes UK delivery and fees. 18 plus only please. 1. Kershaw Tension, factory edge, unused, comes in original box. I believe this item is discontinued and quite rare. For £20 ==> SOLD 2. Spyderco Resilience, factory edge, unused in original box for £35 ==>...
  12. B

    Spyderco UKPK

    Hi everybody, I am the proud owner of a Spyderco UK Penknife, with G10 scales and flat ground blade. After lending it out for some time, one of the screws is missing (lowest one in the middle - but i believe they are all the same). I want to replace it, but i have no idea what material they...
  13. xavierdoc

    Review: Spyderco Manix 2 in CPM M4, Tan G10 for bushcraft use.

    This is my experience of the Bento Box Shop's version of the Manix 2. Not an ideal bushcraft knife, of course, but a useful back up knife (and the full flat grind is much better for food prep than a scandi.) The obvious difference compared to the standard Manix 2 is the "tan" colour of the...
  14. spader

    FS: Spyderco, Laplander,SAK,Felco,Fire Steel,Various Blades etc Surplus clear out

    Hi All More surplus stuff I got out for sale. Prices include UK delivery. Payment via PAYPAL. 18 or over please. 1. Laplander Gardening Saw with a NEW spare blade. Saw is lightly used (3 or 4 times). I have a Felco Saw, so this one is for sale. £17 ==> SOLD 2. Felco 5 Garden Secateurs...
  15. spader

    FS: Folders - Cardoso, Boker Magnum, Spyderco Q, Wenger SAK, Smith&Wesson

    Hello These are some folders for sale from my collection. Stricly over 18 or over please. Quoted price includes delivery to UK mainland only. 1. Cardoso Slipjoint by French Maker Cardoso. Used (some cosmetic scratch on the blade), but solid. Excellent EDC. I believe these retail at 100 - 150...
  16. Bogeyman

    Spyderco Bushcraftknife 2011 model

    For those of you interested, here's a very recent conversation with Sal Glesser talking about the Spyderco Bushcrafter at the 2011 SHOT Show. We see the 2011 version of the knife with the G10 model to accommodate for the lack of quality stabilized woods. According to the comments in the...