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  1. Sub5mango

    Silk sleeping bag liner

    At £50 are silk liners worth the extra expense over poly cotton at £10?
  2. Sub5mango

    Does damp make a difference?

    I just spent the night out in my new snugpak elite 4 sleeping bag rated comfortable -10°c. I used a spacious bivi bag and a decent thermarest mat. I wore a moreno wool base layer and a hat. I had a tarp set up as standard A over me. The grpund was already soaking. I went to bed warmish. There...
  3. grey-array

    on the hunt for the ultimate All season Sleeping Mat/Pad

    Dear Lad's and Laddies, I came across a lovely adventurous lady, last Saturday who was looking for a sleeping mat, however she needed a sleeping mat that would perform superb to -20 degrees celsius. I only ones I came across that had the capabilities to deal with these temperatures were the...
  4. A

    what sleeping bag would you recomend?

    Been looking for a sleeping bag for a while but there's so many, i want a light weight small packing bag 3-4 seasons. i've been looking at the snugpak softie range but i'm still unsure. what sleeping bag do you use aswell?
  5. P

    Exped Downmat 7 in a 3/4 or short length

    I've just spotted a place selling this120cm long down filled airmat with integrated pump (newer version as old one used dry bag as the pump). It is a good cold weather mat. At £49 or half the price of its RRP it is a steal as I need a better mat for colder weather. So far so good. The short...