1. kard133

    For Sale Tarps, a sleeping bag and a Jerven

    All prices include recorded delivery. In no particular order Sold Jerven Fjellduken Hunter, used twice, guaranteed waterproof, a fantastic bit of kit but not getting any use, so yours for £200 by paypal or bank transfer. Sold Sold Carinthia Tropen, good bag, used for maybe six nights, works...
  2. theoctagon

    First look - Borah Gear Custom Bivy

    As a few of you may know over the last few months I've been trying to lighten things up a little. To do this I've sold quite a lot of my kit and replaced it with items that weigh a little less. One of the last items I still had to replace was my DPM Goretex Bivy. I sold mine on ebay a while...
  3. theoctagon

    MYOG Bathtub Floor

    Had the afternoon free yesterday so decided to get on with another MYOG project. I've got a Trailstar on order and wanted some kind of floor to use inside it. I've got a bivy (also on order...) and a polycryo sheet that i'll probably use most of the time but wanted a bathtub style floor to use...