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  1. Rambo Rees

    HEADS UP - Film, Fantastic Fungi film

    Heads up....All those that have Netflix (or can find it elsewhere for that matter) I would highly recommend watching the film: Fantastic Fungi This 2019 American film gives a sublime description of mycelium and what researchers know/theorise about it's effects and symbiosis with plantlife (and...
  2. G

    Good areas for Mushrooms along River Ayr

    I am new to fungi. going on a course/forage on Saturday and a friend and I will also be looking to have a forage about on Sunday. She has hears that there are some good areas around Ayr and along the River Ayr, but I can't seem to find any information, and can't get the search function on this...
  3. T

    S. America - Patagonia - Valdivian Temperate Rainforest Edible Plants?!

    Hi, Does anyone have any knowledge or know of any books/websites which might help me. Im going on a 4 week trip into remote the Patagonian Rainforest this December - I'm struggling to find much info on what plants and berries there are to eat - i'm told by a local, not many - "a few berries in...
  4. mountainm

    Mushroom Walk near Selby

    We went for a stroll through our local woods (via a pub). There was a multitude of shrooms to be spotted right on the path. Along with the ubiquitous birch poly-pore there were some familiar faces, some less so. Lots of these - not sure what they are Close up Another angle These were all...
  5. coastal survival

    Foraging for mushrooms and cooking course - 1 day - 26th October - Near Chepstow.

    Foraging for mushrooms and cooking course - 1 day - 26th October - Near Chepstow. Looking good for mushrooms this year, we are running a day course foraging for mushrooms and cooking what we find, a wild woodland risotto is on the cards, with a selection of wild foraged herb teas and what ever...
  6. Mungo

    Mungo Goes Mushroom Hunting - Part 1 of 4

    I went for another mushroom hunting / photographing trip to the York Region Forest, in Ontario, Canada. Here is the first installment of 4 posts - I don't want to overwhelm with too many images. Lots of specimens I'm not familiar with here, but I'll learn them in time - and you can give me...
  7. Mungo

    Mushroom Hunting in York Region Forest, Southern Ontario Greenbelt, Canada

    I went for a lunchtime hike in a forest tract near my work, just a quick drive north recently. I found a bazillion mushrooms and fungi. My succinct and colourful report is below: But it starts badly - this specimen is officially driving me crazy. I can't figure out what it is. It is...
  8. R

    Fungi ID help please. I think its Lepiota rhacodes but would some 2nd&3rd opinions

    Hi Folks This specimen was growing in a derelict hedge along a lane close to where we live. The hedge is though to be at least 500 years old (dated based on flora) consisting of primarily hawthorn, hazel, elder and ash and a variety of native herbaceous plants. The mushroom started as a...