leather craft

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  1. woodmunky

    Where to find custom Knife / Leather sheath?

    I'm looking to get a custom handmade knife for my dad's 70th next year. I'd like a damascus patterned blade and a handmade sheath with some unique artwork on it. No need for a firesteel. Can anyone recommend a craftsperson who has an online portfolio of their work that I could take a look at...
  2. U

    Leather thinning help

    Hello guys, I've just bought a new leather belt, to replace an old torn one. Width matches perfectly with the buckle's, but I've ran into a problem I didn't even expect: the belt is too thick, and I simply can't get it through the buckle. I've tried thinning it with a knife, but without much...
  3. J

    Leather Knife sheath

    Hi All, Thought I'd show everyone my latest leather craft project (and only second ever) It is ~2mm thick leather wet formed around the knife. Joldfield http://i1346.photobucket.com/albums/p681/Joldfieldy/C7111330-B0FB-4841-A235-E3CB11995C26-1105-00000189C0BD20DB_zps47a54232.jpg
  4. J

    Best place to buy Leather?

    Hi All, Not sure if this is the right place for this, but does anyone know the best places to buy leather, everywhere I've seen so far seems either dodgy or overly expensive. Thanks, Joldfield
  5. twyforge

    Overstitch Wheel, Leather Stitch Spacer - 2mm

    Hi Here i have a Leather tool for spacing stitches on sheaths, pouches etc. The spaces are 2mm (11 dpi aprox.) I bought it for one specific job so only used once. Trade wise looking for a pot of fiebings leather dye in one of their browns, or some G10/Micarta in desert and/or black...
  6. bhofmann

    Leather hat shrunk. Now what?

    Hi all I have a lovely leather hat I bought last year and I left it in the car on the dash. It's dried up somewhat and has shrunk! Now it's too small to get on my head properly. Is there anything I can do besides sell it or give it away? I'd hate to see it go but it's just too small now...
  7. WolfCrafter

    Delving Into Leather Craft.. Whats What??

    I'm just about to start delving into the 'World Of Leather' crafting, and thought it might be a good idea to start a thread, to help educate me and others on 'Whats What in the world of Leather Craft!' So this is going out to all those Amazing Bush Crafters who know there Leather.. from...