1. H

    Ground Mat Recommendations

    Hi, recently had a week of Hammock camping in South Wales with a couple of mates, but had some issues with a punctured ground mat on the last night. I use the mat for insulation in my hammock as it gives me the flexibility to sleep on the ground should I need to (so I am not interested in an...
  2. spader

    Another leaking pressure kit - PRIMUS 210

    Recently scored vintage kit Primus 210 (I think it is made in 1940s) arrived early this week. It is in good condition cosmetically. However, on the first run, it leaked paraffin from the pump this time. So I need to work to get it right. So when you are buying any of these vintage kits, would...
  3. P

    Sil-nylon tarps

    Does anyone know if sil-nylon tarps lose their waterproofness with time? My tarp started dripping on the inside in quite a few spots right across the tarp that made me think it was less about the condensation than it could be the rain coming through. It was very wet but there was a strong wind...