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  1. G

    Good areas for Mushrooms along River Ayr

    I am new to fungi. going on a course/forage on Saturday and a friend and I will also be looking to have a forage about on Sunday. She has hears that there are some good areas around Ayr and along the River Ayr, but I can't seem to find any information, and can't get the search function on this...
  2. T

    S. America - Patagonia - Valdivian Temperate Rainforest Edible Plants?!

    Hi, Does anyone have any knowledge or know of any books/websites which might help me. Im going on a 4 week trip into remote the Patagonian Rainforest this December - I'm struggling to find much info on what plants and berries there are to eat - i'm told by a local, not many - "a few berries in...
  3. G

    Using flint and steel to ignite a cramp ball fungi

    Evening folks like most of us i am a self confessed firebug and one of my favourite things to do when i am stuck in the city is play about with various forms of lighting fire, or to be politically correct i practice my fire lighting skills, anyhoo i know i am not alone in this madness of flame...
  4. TheBrook

    Tinder Fungus - Daldinia Concentrica

    Hi BUK friends, Daldinia Concentrica (also known as King Alfred's Cakes and Crampballs) is an excellent tinder fungus that will accept a spark very well and soon turn into a glowing ember. Perfect for starting a fire in conjunction with a 'bird's nest' or as a coal extender for friction...
  5. mountainm

    Mushroom Walk near Selby

    We went for a stroll through our local woods (via a pub). There was a multitude of shrooms to be spotted right on the path. Along with the ubiquitous birch poly-pore there were some familiar faces, some less so. Lots of these - not sure what they are Close up Another angle These were all...
  6. TheBrook

    Finding Artist's Fungus (Ganoderma Applanatum)

    I go in search for a fungus that contain a spongy, flammable substance called amadou that was used by our ancestors to start and move fires between camps: Finding Artists Fungus (Ganoderma Applanatum) Hope you enjoy, Brook
  7. Rob

    Fungi Courses on the Ashdown Forest

    Some of you will know Iona from her various appearances around the place and her enthusiasm for fungi related stuff. She has some courses running in the Ashdown Forest at fantastic prices - £30 per place on an open course, but can also be persuaded to run private courses for groups or...
  8. Angst

    My area

    thought i'd put some shots on of my area...all taken virtually on my doorstep...hope you like! ps the homegrown tomatos didnt taste as good as they looked...same for the mayfly lol!
  9. Zingmo

    Would you believe it!

    My neighbour asked me if I knew how to get rid of toadstools. "Eh?" says I. He continued to describe how he had had a load of bark chippings put down in part of his garden and that now toadstools were coming up all over the place. He had been spraying them with weedkillers of various sorts. So...
  10. R

    Making paper with fungi

    I found this while looking for something completely different..
  11. R

    Coprinus comatus, Shaggy Ink Cap

    Certainly something good for the pot, just make sure you avoid alcohol with it. only eat it cooked and only the young egg shaped version. cut and cook fresh, these do not keep.
  12. R

    Fungi ID help please. I think its Lepiota rhacodes but would some 2nd&3rd opinions

    Hi Folks This specimen was growing in a derelict hedge along a lane close to where we live. The hedge is though to be at least 500 years old (dated based on flora) consisting of primarily hawthorn, hazel, elder and ash and a variety of native herbaceous plants. The mushroom started as a...