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  1. superc0ntra

    Flying with a firesteel

    Don't know if this is the right forum but since it relates to a firesteel I'l start here. I have for several years had a firesteel attached to my key chain. Next week I'm flying to the UK for a business trip. Question is, will the firesteel get me in trouble with UK customs or air security? No...
  2. Angst

    Hand-made hand-stitched leather firesteel / ferro rod holder - neck & belt carry

    Hi...4 hand-made/hand-stitched firesteel holders for sale at reduced prices for BCUK'ers...they're made from two different thicknesses of leather, 2.5mm and 4mm full grain veg tan and hand-dyed with Fiebings brown, stitched with black artificial sinew and polished up with brown 'finish'. The...
  3. Seoras

    Bushmoot Starter Course

    For the second year at the Bushmoot we ran the Starter course. This course is designed for anyone who wants to spend time in a comfortable environment practicing some of the key skills that many bushcrafters take for granted. This is a course that is open to anyone no matter their age as I...
  4. dimi.t.dfd

    Firesteel Deluxe

    I customized a 9mm firesteel. IMHO the Swedish "Light My Fire" brand is by far the best quality firesteel out there. I've tried a lot of different brands...If you buy one be sure it is the "ARMY" model, the smaller "Scout" is too small to be handy. The shower of sparks is better on the 9mm...
  5. Angst

    Mini Firesteels

    hi....just oiled these lil' cuties....measuring between 9 and 11 cm long in total...the steel is just under 4mm diameter and 4cm long... a
  6. Angst

    Purses, Pendants, Firesteels, Bracelets and Laplander sheaths

    ALL WITHDRAWNok here goes....all prices include 2nd class recorded to uk...paypal only please...if you'd like anything please post on here first then pm me.... first off reindeer pendants...£12-50 each...each has one side polished up like a mirror...i didnt do both sides for 2
  7. Angst

    Some firesteels I've just capped

    all done by hand (as in i dont have a lathe or bandsaw so getting totally straight cuts or roundness is tricky for me) on an old b&d grinder..... two monster ones....pretty useless things really but boys with toys eh? cocobolo and buffalo horn....(and yeah i'm pee'd off about the glue visible...
  8. Nightwalker

    How to use a Firesteel

    I've made a nice video to help those new to Bushcraft and Firecraft... I hope it's of some use to some :)
  9. Angst

    A GREAT BEAST OF A FIRESTEEL (and 2 smaller ones)

    10mm diameter latest firesteel effort...10-mm diameter fire-steel topped off by myself with a deer antler handle (total length approx. 15cms...handle thickness 2.5cm, length 7.5cm...striking area approx. 7.5cm) and includes a striker and a length of thick leather thonging long...
  10. S

    FS - Flint & Steel Stiker, including 'Dragon' profile.

    It's been a while since I last forged a few strikers, so here's my newest batch of strikers made from the best source of high carbon steel available :) These strikers send off a flurry of sparks against a sharp flint, and are quite probably the best batch I have made for the purpose. A light...
  11. G

    Firesteel Modification

    Firesteel Modification
  12. S

    Dryer lint as firestarter? No Way!

    Inevitably, at every firemaking seminar I teach, somebody suggests using dryer lint as firestarter. According to some folks, you should carry dryer lint and a flint stick in your survival kit. My response is that I have tested and tried dryer lint, don’t carry it, and recommend you...
  13. R

    Firesteel Blanks

    Hello everyone, I buy and use around twenty fire-steel blanks a month either through my courses or my knife sales, I used to buy from jx metals in china but the rods were so hard you just ended up with ridges all down the steel and had to throw them away, I now normally buy them from...
  14. Mistwalker

    Taught The Mrs. A Little About Using A Firesteel.......

    A few days back I told a couple of friends I get some fatwood together for them. This afternoon I decided to process some and get it ready to send off. It was a nice afternoon out, here some shots of my views looking up while out by the fire pit. This is the fatwood...