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  1. Rambo Rees

    Pimp Your Knife - home customising production knives

    I recently posted a few photos of a couple of cheap Hultafors knives I adapted at home in a thread I begana on another topic. Just thought it might be an idea to start a thread where we could post ideas and photos of our home pimped knives? Below are stainless and HD Hultafors knives that I...
  2. Chaperzz

    For Sale Hinderer XM-18, 3.5” Spanto, Customised

    Customised Hinderer XM-18 3.5” CPM20CV, Spanto blade, working finish * Custom Titanium scales * Custom pocket clip * Custom filler Includes original Dark Green G10 scale, extra hardware, Hinderer build/tuning card. In superb condition.(Please see photos) £675 ono TYD all in
  3. Chaperzz

    For Sale CKF Sukhoi 3 - Dominance

    Custom Knife Factory (CKF) Sukhoi 3 - Dominance Titanium and Carbon Fibre / M39 Serial No. #35 Includes everything as new - * Spare Carbon Scales * Spare hardware * Cloth * Case * Auth Card £560 ovno all in to your door.
  4. Chaperzz

    For Sale Direware Solo V2

    Direware Solo V2 - Custom Full titanium with M390 blade Very light/small scuff beneath pocket clip which does not detract from this stunning knife £575 Ono to your door
  5. Samon

    Show us your modified Mora classics!

    I'd like to get one of the Mora 601 models soemtime to have aplay with and maybe modify and was thinking it would be a good mvoe to ask you guys if you have any that you've modded! I would quite like a simple knife to play with and quite like the finger guard on the 601 and think it'll make a...
  6. D

    Victorinox Custom - Swiss Army Soldier Knife

    Custom Victorinox - Swiss Army Soldier Knife Victorinox Soldier - Custom for me! I am pleased to share with you .......... A few days ago, having few hours to spare and not knowing what to do, I have depleted to a project that I bounced over the head with when, for birthday, gave me...
  7. Totumpole

    The first knife handled.... and certainly not the last!

    Hey guys, instead of the boring drudgery of study on my day off, I spent yesterday morning finnishing making my first knife handle in the man cave. It is a Karesuando Carbon Steel kit which are available from several retailers. I bought the kit to have a go, mainly as a prequel to handling my...
  8. Samon

    New axe or old axe?

    *UPDATED* 15 Sep! I was thinking about this the other night after a day out in an orchard... Should I buy a new axe or just use the old ones I have laying around? Seeing all the lovely shaped and styled axes on the market and looking at my old and quite tatty axes I was considering buying a...
  9. lab72

    Customs fees

    Hi all I just ordered some kit from the states and a few things have arrived no issues but I had customs bill for one item but not the others ,I was told that anything over the value of £18 you have to pay customs I understand but why have some items been added with tax but not others all...
  10. alecf

    Good use of easter holidays :)

    Just finished this one! Its 3mm O1 in a sort of hunter style? Mahogany scales and brass pins and such. Much more interesting way to spend the holidays then A level revision I think! :D Ignore the spoon knife, I gave it a go for a friend for free, and hence didn't bother spending the...