custom knife

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  1. woodmunky

    Where to find custom Knife / Leather sheath?

    I'm looking to get a custom handmade knife for my dad's 70th next year. I'd like a damascus patterned blade and a handmade sheath with some unique artwork on it. No need for a firesteel. Can anyone recommend a craftsperson who has an online portfolio of their work that I could take a look at...
  2. Peto

    For Sale Custom knife in D2 steel

    Handmade knife in D2 steel and ovangol handle. Blade thickness: 0.157" length: 4.64", width: 1.18", overall length: 9.25. The knife has a handmade custom made case from 4mm thick leather, with decorative element. Hardened on 59HRC. Professional work with lifetime guarantee. Price: 240GBP shipped...
  3. Stevenjdowd

    Blade Trade | knife-for-knife exchange

    Very unusual custom made Mark Hill (HillBill) in 4mm 01 carbon steel, razor sharp flat grind blade 4", total length 8", striking bicolour African Blackwood scales with black liners, brass pins, oversized lanyard hole acts as finger pull from the heavy-duty handmade leather custom sheath...
  4. dimi.t.dfd

    De Invasie van Amsterdam

    I will present new work on 3 & 4 May in Amsterdam during the design event " De Invasie" in the Brakke Grond. Here's more info: http://www.deinvasie.beta 3 hunters in 01 steel Santoku knife in Suminagashi steel My logo in my damascus steel. Grtz, Dimi
  5. Totumpole

    Knife No 2 - my first full tang.

    Hello everyone. Over the last few days I have bee at the knife making thing again. THe first knife I handled was a stick tang, but wanted to have a go at a full tang. I purchased this Mora blade, pretty much because it was the only full tang blank I could find (other than a few damascus ones)...
  6. Totumpole

    The first knife handled.... and certainly not the last!

    Hey guys, instead of the boring drudgery of study on my day off, I spent yesterday morning finnishing making my first knife handle in the man cave. It is a Karesuando Carbon Steel kit which are available from several retailers. I bought the kit to have a go, mainly as a prequel to handling my...