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  1. KatBetter

    Hello from (currently sunny) Bristol

    Hello, Just landed here and wanted to say hi! I thought of coming down to the Bushmoot this summer (not booked yet). I never been before. I am hoping to meet some fab people, learn some new skills and enjoy some woodland times. I am in Bristol and I have too many hobbies but the main theme to my...
  2. kard133

    Bristol Bimble, Sometime in May

    Would anyone in the Bristol area (or be interested in a day walk/show and tell at Leigh Woods in Bristol, either on a Saturday or Sunday in May? I had this idea of those interested meeting up in the car park around 10am-ish and walking around, with those more knowledgeable members answering...
  3. A

    Bumbling around Bristol..

    Hey folks I just discovered how to use imageshack without spamming everyone with pics the size of a sports stadium so I thought I would show everyone here whats on offer if you're ever in Bristol! This is just a little walk from the city centre and just over the suspension bridge (which if you...
  4. J

    ye olde avon 'n zummerzet "group to be"

    as discussed here: please lodge your interest in a meet to be had in central somerset ?george and pilgrim at glastonbury? to chatter and discuss possible setting up of a bushycrafty group for social pub meets as well as...