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  1. Tarptastic

    Sold ** Waxed Canvas Tripod Seat **

    Hi All, I've also got a Bushcraft Spain waxed canvas tripod seat for sale. Never been used. Cut 3 legs for it, and you're good to go. Bought this one for £25, can do for ** £15 ** Any questions, please ask :)
  2. Tarptastic

    Sold ** NEW Bushcraft Spain Handmade Traditional Waxed Canvas Tarp (3m x 3m) in Forest Green - SAVE £75 **

    Bushcraft Spain Waxed Canvas 3m x 3m Tarp in Forest Green Hi Guys, I'm selling this new handmade waxed canvas tarp (with tags), which is unused and wrapped. Beautiful product, but I prefer a lighter tarp. If you like their tarps, you'll find this item cheaper than purchasing from Bushcraft...
  3. P

    Basha/ poncho erection system with speed of bungee & lightness of cord

    I hope you're all well thank you for looking at this post. I am a outdoor pursuits instructor ( mainly watersports) and have a number of years military service, infantry and Naval. I would like to know what you guys think is the quickest lightest and even cheapest basha/ poncho shelter...
  4. Tagaeri

    Genuine unissued British Army DPM basha/tarp + Web-tex basha poles

    I have for sale a genuine unissued British Army basha in DPM that I've only used a couple of times. No rips, tears or marks, and comes with a genuine DPM army stuff sack. Great bit of kit! Sale also includes two used Web-tex military extendable basha poles to give you rigging options when...
  5. Angst

    Camo Cordura Tarp Compression Bag With Tent Peg Pocket

    Hi...following on from the axe bag I wanted to make for myself I've now made this for my British Army basha as the standard issue ones are completely carp as everyone knows...ok, they're small and light but they're also slippery, too small, difficult to use and to me, not good enough as I've...
  6. Tagaeri

    Alpkit Rig 3.5 tarp

    I'm after an Alpkit Rig 3.5 in kelp in good condition (with stuff sack). Anyone got one they're looking to move on? Thanks!
  7. kard133

    Old Olive Australian Hootchies on ebay

    I have just purchased one of these: I asked the seller about the size, weight and condition, they replied that the Bashas are approx 2.6x1.8m and 3/4 of a kilo (their words) which matches the specs for...
  8. S

    MTP Basha - Brand new

    MTP Basha - Never used, given up on the camouflage gear. Looking to swap for decent sharps, EDC Tools, hammock liner, hennessy hex tarp...or something else i'm tempted with? I have other items i'll add over the next week or so.
  9. WildMedic

    IPK Tarp / Basha End for added protection

    I have just completed a little project. I took an offcut of an IPK and cut it into a triangle. I added webbing corners that were riveted. On to these I attached shock cord with plastic hooks on the end. The upshot is an end that will provide extra coverage at the front of ends of a tarp. So, no...
  10. Elen Sentier

    Iggerant Question

    OK ... I is iggerant ... will someone tell me what (if any) are the differences between a tarp basha hootchie and are there yet more terms for the things?
  11. effzedess

    Multicam Tarp (not DD)

    I've been trying to get hold of the 3x3 UKMCPRO Multicam Elite Basha (tarp). It's been out of stock for a month and they've just informed me it could be another 6 weeks till it's available :( Has anyone got one or something like it that they don't want / need? (Not really interested in the DD...
  12. Angus Og

    Kathmandu Trekking Basha-tent System. (Pic heavy)

    SOLD Kathmandu Trekking Basha-tent System. £85. Incs Recorded Delivery P&P U.K. only, payment by Paypal or bank transfer. Used a couple of times The canopy is made from Silicon-Elastomer proofed Rip-Stop Nylon, 3 metres squared ,equipped with 16 perimeter loops and central loop with a...
  13. Extreme Pilgrim

    Australian Hootchie/Tarp/Basha/Poncho

    Greetings all, I am a virgin poster so please be kind. ;) forgive me for posting what is in essence a re-post of a topic which is has been cover before, albeit some years ago but I was wanting to tap into this font of knowledge to see weather anybody knew of a UK stockist of the Aussie...