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    Now retired … to Ayrshire SW Scotland

    Now retired … to Ayrshire SW Scotland
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    Every time I fly!

    That's harsh ... I feel better already ... no really !!! totally better ... no need for gargling for me !!! unless it was a short Scottish single malt gargle lol !!!
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    Adding Water to Meths for Trangia Stove

    Can anyone offer some sound advice/experience please? ... Yes ... don't do it !!! There is absolutely no need or advantage using diluted fuel ... I use 99% pure Industrial Denatured Alcohol ... this is Pure Ethanol denatured with Methanol with no purple stain added ... Burns nice and hot...
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    Rucksack Recommendations

    plus one ... though when the plc side pouches are added the main compartment won't fully expand to 100 L brilliant comfortable load carrier but too easy to overload it ... it is far more capable than I am !!! Cheers Whistle
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    Camouflaging a Tent

    I would worry about solvent damage too ... what's wrong with using a camo net ??? Then you can alter the shape/profile as well as the colouration or tone without damaging the integrity of the tent !!! Cheers Whistle
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    cooking with titanium

    Naaah 'cause the heat isn't conducted as well a hot spot occurs over the heat and will burn the food more easily ... Only answer is continual stirring to stop the food burning !!! Cheers Whistle
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    Looking for khaki QR side buckles

    Hi Globetrotter ... Wonder if these are what you are looking for , or if they would be useful ?!?! Hope linky thingy works ... Cheers Whistle