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    Is it stil worth carrying a compass?

    I still use a map & compass
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    Covid-19 Travel for exercise - Reasonable distance

    I was going to post the BBC link about Bournemouth but Toddy beat me to it. I live in Bournemouth/Poole area and even though there are a lot of people out and about, MOST are acting sensibly. This is a statement from a BCP email/newsletter posted on 06/01/21 'We are carefully following the...
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    Man eating super wolves on Dmax

    The quote is from 'The Matrix' Not terribly bushcrafty but good film :angelic2:
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    What Three Words

    Interesting thread. I have used GRIDREF for years. Takes up very little room on my phone & gives an accurate position which you can send as a text message & has various options to copy it to a memo app or clipboard etc. Also useful as a confidence check of your position/direction (Not that any...
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    Planning Looking for a site close to Frome, Somerset

    I came across this site on an internet search a couple of weeks ago - Vallis Veg campsite. Not tried it yet but sounded interesting. Failing that, have a look at
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    Luxe Hexpeak V4A or OneTigris Smokey Hut or ...

    I bought a Luxe V4A a while back & am still undecided about it, want to like it more than I do. Nice tent, light and with a good reputation for shedding wind but the hexagon shape with an inner & centre pole makes you hanker for more room. The inner can also be a pain to set up right. I've ended...
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    Snugpak Blanket

    Outdoor GB are selling Snugpak Jungle Blanket for £17.00 at the moment. Bought one a couple of weeks ago - well impressed.
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    Snugpak Blanket

    I've got the Snugpak Jungle Bag (same spec) - Great summer bag & opens out as a blanket as well. Had it for about 12 years & still one of my favourite bits of kit. Pretty indestructable too.
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    Lunar Eclipse 21/01/19

    Forecast down here was thick cloud so didn't hold out much hope. Woke up at 2am & the skies were crystal clear so set an alarm for 4:15. Alarm woke me, went outside & a blanket of cloud covering the sky so could not see anything. Weather Gods toying with me again! Too awake to go back to...
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    Lunar Eclipse 21/01/19

    Same here but the forecasts are sometimes a little bit not quite right. :rolleyes:
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    Lunar Eclipse 21/01/19

    For those that are interested - there is a total lunar eclipse (Blood Moon) tomorrow morning. Have a look at this website for all the info & hope for clearish skies - This is for Poole Dorset but if you go to the link below, choose a town local...
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    Homemade energy bars

    Thanks for the recipes. I've just made my first batch of Anzac Biscuits - pretty easy to make & taste good. Don't think this batch will last long though, so I will take Mousey's word for them keeping for 8 months!!! Thanks to all. :)
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    Something to think about in the New year; GIS

    Just highlights the problem. The Geo Wessex Explorer shows data for England & in some cases, the UK, but when you look at the County specific maps, most of the data has been stripped out. For example you can see Flood Warning Areas for Penzance but somebody using the Cornwall Map data can't...
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    Something to think about in the New year; GIS

    The one I used to use for Dorset has been trimmed down to the current one but the geowessex one is still pretty good. There is probably a map with the complete set of data for the whole UK lurking somewhere but how you get to it is another matter. I don't understand why it is so difficult to...
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    Something to think about in the New year; GIS

    Interesting thread, Tengu :) I can't find the original link I used to use for Dorset but this is the latest one. However what the old one did give me access to is this --> I have lived in Dorset...