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    Some of my leather work this year

    It's been a long time since I posted on BCUK but we have had big changes in our lifestyle, and I'm now doing leather work full-time on the Isle of Harris. It's been a busy season, over the (non) summer that we have had here, with lots of rain and lots of craft markets, but the tourists are...
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    Making a leather sheath... What else do I need?

    If you're new to setting studs, it's worth having a look at the video below. Particularly when setting in thin leather, and when using steel based press studs, you may find that the stem of the male base piece bends over, rather than just splaying out. This can result in an occasional stud that...
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    Belts and Bags (more knotwork) from me

    Good stuff, as always. I know what you mean about photographing the work - that's my project for next year - learn to take some decent piccies of my work. But, even if you don't think the photos are that good, I can still see through to the quality of the work beneath. Geoff :)
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    Anybody make leather water bottles?

    Thanks, folks. Eric says he isn't doing leatherwork any more, but Bardster still does them. Geoff
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    Anybody make leather water bottles?

    I've had an enquiry to my online shop with someone wanting a leather water bottle. I don't do these at present and I'm in the middle of moving house, but if anybody does these for sale, can you please PM me with contact details, and I can pass them on to the enquirer? Thanks Geoff
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    Three custom axe masks

    Classy looking pieces, those. Geoff
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    Tanning my first deer hide tomorrow... advice please!

    Here was my first (and, so far, only) attempt, based on Deerskins to Buckskins: Hope it encourages you! Geoff
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    Working with leather for the first time

    For that thickness, you can just use a triangular point hand sewing leather needle and poke it through without needing an awl hole. As an example (no recommendation intended) this sort of thing...
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    ID of unusual item?

    While clearing out the loft, we discovered this thing. From the piece of Christmas wrapping paper around it, it seems to date from around the 1950s. It is canvas and wood, with a construction similar to a deck chair, that allows the slope of the back to be adjusted. The best that I could come up...
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    Hand made leather belt pocuhes

    Nice work on those. Is that Bakers russet that you've dyed yourself? They don't look at first sight to be the standard Bakers colours. Geoff :)
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    I need a new belt! Calling all leather workers!!

    I do handmade bridle leather belts, using oak-tanned English bridle leather made at the last traditional tannery left in England, with solid brass hand cast buckles, made at the last remaining buckle foundry in England, but not for £25. I can't remember if my membership allows me to make direct...
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    Dip Waxing leather (slow cooker?)

    Not sure about a slow cooker, I've always used a makeshift double boiler, but depends on the size of item you want to dip. I've just got myself a big chef's double boiler that will hold a few kilos of beeswax, for doing my tankards, but prior to this I've used old treacle tin, large instant...
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    Anyone making watch straps?

    Here's one I made earlier... Please drop me a PM if you are interested. I might even be able to put one of my new stamps somewhere on it!. Geoff :)
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    Viking Shoulder Bags (pic heavy)

    And the range keeps expanding! Always interesting to see what you come up with next. I guess you are doing this full-time - aren't you? The sin of envy is eating at me! Geoff :)
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    Leatherwork embossing plates GB2!!

    Many thanks again to Spandit for organising this. Just got back from holiday to get these, and have tried them out this evening. Result is sharper than the pictures show. These are all 'cold pressed' into English bridle leather with an arbor press, but the results are promising for when I get to...