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    Armchair Bushcraft

    I'm mid 50's and carry an extra bit of timber, but loved getting out this sumer, tarp tent, down bag and home made stove. Does take me longer to get up off the ground and if I thought it was to rain I'd stay home and season my cast iron frying pan. I don't wear the 'bushcraft uniform' as much...
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    Return of the St.

    Had a hard time in Italy, recession, no work, no money lost everything so back to Scotland and starting from scratch. A few health problems that I've still to get under control but living doon the water helps.
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    A simple Chuck Box

    Great work as usual Wayland. Legs will be useful addition.
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    Return of the St.

    Been back in Scotland for a year after my adventures in Italy. Time to get back on the forum and back out in the nature.
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    A Finn-Dogs for me ....

    Really like that, great job mate...:notworthy
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    Sitting in the garden eating the first of our nisperos, sometimes called loquats. First time I've tried them, soft inner flesh which is sweet and sour at the same time.
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    How many rucksacks do you have?

    Got a few that fit different needs... Kifaru Express with long pockets Kifaru Tailgunner II Maxpedition Falcon II Macpac Torlesse Topo Klettersack Boblbee Megalopolis Sport OMM Villain Also a load of shoulder bags, but that is an other thread...
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    Tripod Leather and Wood Stool

    Instructions here, along with other makes...
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    Boiled linseed on mine...
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    Diarrhoea Problems - Help/advice needed

    One more for sphagnum moss, though I read in a book years ago that you can use a rock :You_Rock_
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    Reed Fishing Floats

    Looks great mate, might have a go at that myself...
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    Pine processionary

    On our dog walk this morning, I came across this, the pine processionary (Thaumetopoea pityocampa). On posting on facebook, locals warned me about the danger to Donatella, (When the paws and other body parts of a dog come into contact with the caterpillars' hairs, they become severely...
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    Trangia 27 - 6 HA Questions.

    If I'm solo it's the Mini Trangia for me, swapped out their pot for a MRS Titan Kettle.
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    Olive Oil on Axe Handle?

    Boiled linseed on tools, as others have said, gives a hardened finish, olive oil on spoons and butter spreaders, never get a chance to go rancid as they are also washed regularly.
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    Your picture of the day...

    From my walk with the dug today, pear blossom in the Tuscan sun