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  • Hi Spike

    sorry for the delay in replying, I've been working in Borneo

    Congrats on getting the niva, I have the full workshop manuals here in english if you need them

    will you be taking it on expedition? we drove our Samurai to Morrocco and over the atlas mountains, in rcommend it, or prehapes drive it back to the old soviet states?!

    give us a call on 01446 719352

    I would like to react to your ad for the PCP rifle.
    Do you have a picture? And will you ship to Holland, I will pay for additional fees!


    Hi, I've just tried to get on to Outdoor Idiots but a screen came up saying it had been hacked by TNT power. I haven't been on for a while, so I don't know if it's recent or not, sorry if it's old news but I recognised your username and thought you should know.


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