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    DIY kit question

    You must have some very smoooth mice about. For plaster I'd stick to manual sanding with a washable sanding block (dense foamy type thing with a coating of grit). That way you can keep the dust down and I've found powered sanders on plaster can cause a lot of the old plaster to lift.
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    Military Mart Customer service

    Yes thanks. I ordered a new size 41 yesterday and it turned up today. I'm a little puzzled as I'm only a 42" chest and it just about fits. It wasn't in any packaging, there's a faded stamp next to the main label and a small hole under an arm. So, looks to me as if it's issued.
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    Bumpity bump... Anyone been out mackerelling recently? Just wondering if it's worth taking the spinning rod down to the beach soon.
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    Selling houses?

    I've sold a couple of houses over the last 10 years. I'm not sure much has changed in that time really. I also had varying valuations. I only went with one agent at a time to get a lower selling rate but both times ended up switching agent and lowering the price a bit. Ensure if you sign a...
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    Military Mart Customer service

    Funily enough I was just looking at the Swedish M59 shirts meself. What is the sizing like and how thick is the soft cotton?
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    Bike recommendations

    I wouldn't say I'm close to a bike shop and I don't plan to keep taking a bike back to be serviced. But as disc brakes have been mentioned a few times I'm not sure I really need them. My current mtb has old fashioned rim brakes and they cope with the speeds I go at. I even have to be careful...
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    What are you growing?

    This depends on what they are, 1st earlies can be ready 10 weeks from planting and maincrops about 20 weeks. If you have plenty of plants you could try and lift one or have a bit of a rummage under the soil to see if there are any decent sized tubers. Ours have done myseriously well this year...
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    Potato Fruit ( seed )

    You could let them ripen and then grow the seeds next year. I was always told to remove them, although it now seems to be suggested they have little effect on the potato crop. If they're only a few I'd remove.
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    No cook main meal one packet options

    But can you drop a packet of digestive biscuits from 500m without a parachute without them breaking?
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    Bike recommendations

    Thanks Paul, yes audax bikes look ideal (I've never heard of them). Something more to look at and work out what might be best. One of the reasons for going 2nd hand to start with is I'm not sure exactly what I want. For example, I had assumed an electric bike would get me out more but I've...
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    What beekeeping related activities did you do recently?

    I'm not sure anyone would want to keep a very aggressive hive. It's something you try and breed out although you're breeding for all sorts of things (honey production, lack of swarming etc). In the UK most people don't have control of where their queens mate so you can end up with a feisty hive...
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    What beekeeping related activities did you do recently?

    I'm caught between brood and a half and double brood at the moment and would prefer a single box. However, I'm curious how a bee farmer works. Using the same strain of bees a non-commercial keeper may have them on a double brood and keep the queen until they superceed but does a commercial...
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    Bike recommendations

    Yes, something like the Dawes seems the best bet and that's the sort of price as well. Dawes was the first name on my list. I'm hoping when things calm down more 2nd hand bikes will be up for sale.
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    What beekeeping related activities did you do recently?

    With a hundred hives I doubt you have much time to spend! Are you rasing the new Queens and colonies yourself or buying in? I'm also curious, do you run on single or double brood on your honey producing hives? Our local bee farmer runs on single brood and claimed they would produce less honey...
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    Opinel no.10 with broken off tip, WWYD?

    I'd round it off and use it myself. I very rarely us the point of a knife and I've pricked myself more times than I care to remember.