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    North Wood October 2017 Pictures

    Great pics Martin, hope you all had a good one.
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    Does anyone know about clay pipes?

    Just consulted a publication from 1979 called Clay Tobacco Pipes by Eric G. Ayto, Shire Album #37. There's a picture of a similar if not identical shaped Cutty pipe dated 1880 on page 7. Interesting reading, nice find you have there.
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    White Rose meet February 10th-12th 2017

    Fuchsiashockz and Rumpole Stiltskin, sorry for the late reply. Hoping to get one together for this month or early July. Probably be July now. I'm down there a bit on Saturdays to the Sunday but struggle to do 2 nights at the minute, I'll post something up soon that doesn't clash with the North...
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    North Wood February 2017 pictures

    Looking good as always, thanks for sharing Steve. Great time of year to be out with the woods on the turn.
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    Rich Hall and American Indians

    As for the OP, First Nations is used in Canada, American Indians or Native Americans is used in America. It's not too tricky.
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    White Rose meet February 10th-12th 2017

    White Rose Meet Feb. 10th-12th White Rose Wood February 2017 Short notice but Alex and family will be there as well as Mac and his family. If anyone wants to join in you're more than welcome to. I won't be attending this meet but might be...
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    Making a folder a fixed blade

    No welds are ugly when you know how to tig and heat treat/temper can be done again if needs be. I'd say go for it if it's in competent hands.
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    North Wood Meet 28~30 October 2016 Pictures

    Looks like a good one, perfect weather for it. Thanks for sharing pics, makes me wish I had been there
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    White Rose Sept30th-2nd CANCELLED

    Not sure how to edit original post on my phone but this meet is cancelled. Sorry for the short notice. I'm currently barely able to walk and am awaiting further medical treatment. Due to the small numbers it's best to cancel. Hopefully this is temporary and future meets will continue. Apologies...
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    White Rose Meet September 30th-October 2nd

    White Rose Meet Sept. 30th-Oct. 2nd White Rose Meet Sept. 30th-Oct. 2nd White Rose Wood September...
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    White Rose July Pics

    Hopefully see you two at the next one Mike. Glad you made it for a night Karl, it's been time
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    White Rose July Pics

    No worries Pete, there'll be more. Family first as always
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    iPhone 4 in Lifeproof (waterproof) Case. Factory Unlocked.

    Second dibs if this falls through for any reason please
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    White Rose July Pics

    Cheers Steve
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    White Rose July Pics

    Cheers Martin