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    Close Encounter

    The biggest reason coyotes are becoming so widespread is there adaptability. They can adapt to just about any habitat: from cold to hot, from desert to swamp, from wilderness to urban. Add that to their amazing fertility (both their litter size and number of breeding sessions vary to accommodate...
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    Bow Hunting & Buck Fever

    I prefer a traditional recurve bow as well. For me that‘s part of the point of bow hunting. For many though it’s just a chance to hunt an extra season. @C_Claycomb I believe we‘re thinking alike on this one.
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    Fear of the dark

    @ You gotta admit though, they have a better setting for scary stories: centuries old buildings, near ancient graveyards, etc.
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    Mating Rituals
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    Men of Inspiration

    Dr Joe Medicine Crow
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    Food shortage again?

    The leftover chocolate goes with the leftover wine and the leftover BBQ.
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    Food shortage again?

    Everybody should get the opportunity to learn about classical opera fro a cross dressing rabbit
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    Yeah Yeah, it was never meant for anything more than a tropical climate.
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    Not quite 'bushcraft' but camping

    Regarding the shelter/tent instead of rehashing what’s already been said, I’d also consider how many are going. I’d like a full wall tent (ticks all the boxes mentioned already plus some: roomy, able to stand in it, possible to have a fire or stove, etc.) but if I’m going alone it would be a...
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    The term “Woobie” was in common use for the whole Baby Boom generation long before the movie “Mr Mom” came out. We started using the term in the military to refer to the poncho liner at least as far back as the Vietnam War
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    Remember: accidents are the leading cause of people. So if you drink, Please! Please! Don’t park.
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    Your picture of the day...

    I took thos picture 4 days ago in Pensacola. A blow down still here from Hurricane Sally last year
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    " Did You Know ? "

    Did you know that the moon is getting farther from the earth? The lunar orbit is getting wider at a rate of about 2 feet per year and it will eventually escape earth’s gravity.
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    Favourite Movie Scenes.

    Two scenes really.