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  • Hi;

    Any of the belt sanders left? I can Paypal the money straight away if needed.


    Jim (Kerne)
    Hi Rapidboy. I am in the market for a kydex sheath for my spyderco ukpk (g10) and was told you are the man to see. Is there a possibility you may be able to arrange for the magical appearance of one and if so, how many pennies would it take to bribe the necessary imps and gnomes etc (Yes, I do know some of the secret 'makers' ways).
    Kind regards,
    Hi Lawrence,
    Just to let you know that the mora sheath landed this week (couldn't get to the internet before, long story!) and I'm very happy with it indeed and thanks for the mini torch as well!!!
    Cheers and many thanks,
    Hi rapidboy

    I read the tutorial re handling the Russell Green River Works Blade - where could I get one so I can have a go myself?


    Hi rapidboy

    I am interested in a horizontal carry sheath for a woodlore clone with a piggy back holder for a 10mm firesteel and a DC4
    in black. I have had a look at the Rob Bayley sheath and like the look of it.

    Would you be able to make something similar for me ? ( i dont know if this would contravene any copyright codes you makers have!)

    If so what would this cost me?
    Hi,i've made two woodlore replicas with black canvas micarta handles but im now struggling with getting decent sheaths for them!can you help?
    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the very generous package I received in the post.

    I will be sure to make the most of it and try and share my successes and failures wth the community of bushcraftuk.


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