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    Alternatives to paracord ?

    i also like jute twine because its biodegradable. As for jobs that require strenght, prussikcord/climbing accesory cord. 5mm and up will support you body weight.
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    Lowe Alpine Sting heads up £80

    i thought you had a karrimor sabre 85-100... ?
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    5.11 Tactical Operator’s Belt for Abseiling and Backaches

    Please don't use it as a replacement for a climbing harnass. It certainly isn't one. Might be usefull in a very last resort, but otherwise just carry a harness with you. If you carry rope, you might as well carry the harnass.
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    Dutch bushcraft meeting

    sorry guys, i can't come either. I think i really need that weekend to prepare for mine graduation. Almost getting mine bachelor degree !
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    Dutch tin mugs

    nope, the dutch one is based on the US design. So it will NOT fit british issue bottles.
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    Dutch bushcraft meeting

    Jurjen, i'm not 100% sure yet, but a very high chanche i will be there.
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    Multi fuel stove on eBay

    It has a diffrent control knob and diffrent pump than the ebay one. he ebay one looks a lot like the kovea model...
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    Multi fuel stove on eBay

    rik are you sure you van burn paraffin in the stove? The print on the box says Gas + white gasoline, It also doesn't have other jets supplied with it.
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    polar pure on ebay

    nothing special is it? 10.99 pounds seems a little steep. BENSBACKWOODS has them both on ebay and on his website: and...
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    Dutch bushcraft meeting

    i have no plans on those days yet.
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    Will Trangia accessories work with Svea stoves?

    Svea is a brand of stove's. Well it used to be, Which one are you talking about? The alcohol stove, the gasline/petrol stove's, etc ?
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    any tips for a 2,5x2,5 mtr tarp/basha

    Uh... i don;t know. There website is still up, but they don't reply to emails anymore. And thanks irishlostboy, for the suggestion. But I'm no good with sewing. And 100% waterproof is a must for me. Parachute material will simply leak. I have been looking at the Tatonka, but that one is a...
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    any tips for a 2,5x2,5 mtr tarp/basha

    Hi guys, After having used mine Australian hootchie for a few years, I'm looking for something slightly bigger. Currently I'm looking for a lightweight (up to 800grams) 2,5x2,5 tarp, with ridge lines loops and loops on the sides. Preferred colors are green or brown. I have tried to...
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    any tips for a 2,5x2,5 mtr tarp/basha

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    Wanted: 2.5x2.5 mtr tarp/basha

    Wanted: a lightweight 2.5x2.5 mtr tarp/basha, prefered color is olive/green-ish. Brown is good too. Should not weight more than 700 grams. Stuff i got for trade: - Austalian Hootchie/flysheeth, including lines. Very good condition. - Coleman F1 lantern, with 5 spare mantles and a adapter...