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    Lords Wood October 30th-1st November 2020

    Good Morning All, Apologies but I won't be able to make it this weekend, I have the OS maps but can't seem to load them onto here as PDFs. Does anyone know the best way to share them? Kind regards, Ollie
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    Warden's Knife

    Just seen this thread from 8 years ago, my girlfriend still carries the gerber suspension with her at work, she is now also my wife and pregnant with our first kid.
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    Burnt pan!

    Being lazy I'm a big fan of chemical cleaning, Caustic soda for organic fouling (carbon and food) and citric acid for non-organic fouling (rust). Follow up with a bit of purple scotchbrite and you're sorted.
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    Are Good Manners Dying?

    I think manners remain mostly intact, or at least haven't changed much in the last 10 years, I still see bus loads of kids thanking drivers when they get off buses. What I have noticed is the general view of respect is changing, particularity with my generation (28) and younger. I've seen...
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    Time to get legless

    Good Afternoon All, I've just received the dinky little Petromax FT1 that I bought from Knives and tools and was surprised to see that it came with legs, I called the company up and they were just as surprised as me as I ordered a flat bottomed one and they don't even stock the legged version...
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    lighter / trench lighter/ windproof lighter ideas and suggestions

    What about the everlasting matches? they're great for starting feather sticks and are a bit more resilient to the wind. Just be careful when refilling them, I set alight to the washing up water a couple of years ago.
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    Tarred twine / bankline

    I picked up a roll of this stuff, absolutely cracking, super strong and nice and grippy for prussicks.
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    Other Arms bergan

    PM Sent
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    Multi-Tools for Bushcraft?

    What are you after it doing? There is such a vast variety, it'll be difficult to narrow one down.
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    Most used knots?

    I learnt the figure 8 on the bight through climbing and it became second nature, it was difficult to explain to my wife how to tie it because it just happens. I only learnt the Bowline last year and it performs much better than the figure 8 but I have to think about it.
  11. Oliver G

    Most used knots?

    As much as I like different knots I tend to not use a great variety while camping, mostly because if they work and I'm tired then I just bang them in. I would say the most used are: Bowline - For guy line ends or attaching a line to a prusic loop Reef knot - To make prussick loops Prussic loops...
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    Canoe touring advice needed.

    There are a few places on the Trent that you can hire a canoe for a couple of days, camp out then they will pick you up at the end, if you finish up near Swarkestone I can always run you home.
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    Carrying a bow

    Good Afternoon All, I'm hoping to tap into the hive mind here. I've recently picked up a takedown bow which is great. I can set up a little range where I normally go camping, but the issue is getting the bow there safely. I'm currently using the 45 litre bergan with rocket pouches on, does...
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    Clothing that works in sustained Wet conditions

    Layers and wet dry routine. I tend to run hot if I'm working or moving about with a bergan. I'll typically wear a T-shirt (Mountain warehouse Endurance ones are nice and cheap) and a jacket to keep stuff in pockets. If it starts to rain then a cheap goretex jacket, and if it lashes it down...
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    What to do with old screws?

    i just had to check the black book to see if M9s existed, they didn't pop up in my Zeus tables, have you tried RS components?