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  1. Oliver G

    I made a Marzipan Pig

    A marzipig?
  2. Oliver G

    Baofeng Fanboys & Fan Girls

    I made a flower pot antenna last week, I've yet to try it in anger. I got a length of Black PCV pipe from screwfix for about £3. You can get a couple of flower pot antennae out of the single 3 meter length so if there's...
  3. Oliver G

    Baofeng Fanboys & Fan Girls

    I made some pole sections from a load of 22mm PVC pipe and a handful of straight connectors. If you cut four lengths of pipe to about 50 cm and solvent weld a Tee piece to one you use as a top you just slot them together. Then tie the top of the slim jim to the tee and use a bit of lace to hold...
  4. Oliver G

    An American Outdoorsman moving to the UK!

    Ohh, I spent a few years in the RAF base as a kid growing up, lovely big houses, but the disused bungalows were full of mould in the middle of the base. Make sure to pack plenty of suncream.
  5. Oliver G

    DC4 Sharpening Stone

    Morning All, I'd just thought I'd let you know that the DC4 sharpening stones now have the inside of the leather on the back of the case as the outside. Evidently someone picked up on people turning the cases inside out to use as a leather strop and have manufactured them to be so. Seems to be...
  6. Oliver G

    Inventions that should Exist

    Different combinations of electrical tape can help with IDing cables, nail polish works quite well too.
  7. Oliver G

    packing list

    Oooh, I just rejigged mine this morning, have a butchers.
  8. Oliver G

    Best non- standard Card , Card Game.

    That's the one, play it a couple of times with the board and you'll see how to play with just the cards.
  9. Oliver G

    Best non- standard Card , Card Game.

    DIXIT is a good one, you normally pay it on a board but you can use just about anything to keep track of points. It's a really good game to working out how other people thought trains run.
  10. Oliver G

    NFC Tags

    They can be really tiny but then you've got the balance of visibility if you want people to use them or discretion if you want them to not be found. Next time you walk past a bus stop in a town, have a look as to where and what size the NFC tag is they usually have one for the ad company.
  11. Oliver G

    NFC Tags

    Have a gander at this then...
  12. Oliver G

    NFC Tags

    I bought a strip of them a few years ago about 25mm disks with an adhesive back I think they run at about 40p each. If you download NFC Tool for Android you'll see what you can do with them but the brief list is: Text, URL, Social Network links (URLs again), Create a prefilled E-mail, Add...
  13. Oliver G

    Baofeng Fanboys & Fan Girls

    There's a download cable, you can get it from amazon, goes from USB to the Mic and speaker jacks. The software should be free.
  14. Oliver G

    Swimming Rucksack?

    A loaded bergan with a waterproof bag will float if there's a bit of air in the top. Consider that the density of water is 1kg per litre and that to float the density of the bergen needs to be less. If you have a 100 litre bergan that weight 20kg you'll be more than fine, plus you can use it as...
  15. Oliver G

    My New Gang

    A heathen from Royal Ag! Joking aside nice one, it looks like a cracking lot, we never had much like that at Harper.