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    Hello. Again... ;)

    It's been quite a while since I was last here, so I thought I'd say hello again! Hello! Past few years I've been working out on the hills as a sub contractor, while it's not a bad life, it's certainly not a great one.. lol Had to give it up due a bit of ill health, turns out I have AS...
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    The VERY best time of year

    Jealous! The weather has been so bad this year again that there are virtually no berried fruits anywhere around me... :(
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    Is it me?

    It's all cycles. Sometimes there are lots of new or interesting new things, other times it's perhaps a repetition of older stuff. Perhaps there's been an influx of new folk or the search is playing up. It used to get me down seeing nothing I liked, but then that's me, and there are plenty of...
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    Hmmm Sausages... :)

    :) Aye no problem :D Best bring a few rolls with you
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    Hmmm Sausages... :)

    Been wanting to do this for a while, especially since bivibabe can't have gluten etc now. So ventured into the realm of making my own sausages and bacon.. :) Got a slicer for the bacon, as cutting by hand with the kitchen knives we have was.. interesting at best. Also a mincer and grinder for...
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    Amadou tinder fungus needed

    :D That would be a Potassium permanganate and glycerine sauce then? :p
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    Ideas for use of wood

    Can't tell from the pic, is it ash or willow maybe? An eight foot piece could make a nice walking staff, maybe with a woodspirit or two on it as Mesquite suggested.
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    They do. Only they approach it from the Big Business side of things. While I worked with The Big Evil Empire aka Tesco they started to roll out something they named "Future" all about how to be happy at work, dealing with customers wishes/complaints and dealing with each other in such a way they...
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    The scariest plant in the world, Datura aka (jimson weed)

    I've worked with a few Weak Minded Ditherers who always seem to take 45 minutes to do a job that should take 5 minutes...
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    Leaking Kelly Kettle - Advice please

    No idea, but you could try emailing the manufacturers and see what they advise?
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    'Look What I've Found' meals - boil in the bag???

    Meat balls with sauce. Lots of herbs and stuff - one of the ones I use, but tend to cut back on the sauce as I find it a tad over powering.
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    The scariest plant in the world, Datura aka (jimson weed)

    Triffids scare me. Oh yes.
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    'Look What I've Found' meals - boil in the bag???

    I've boiled them in the bag, and used the water for a brew and didn't notice anything. I quite like most of the Look range, but find that sometimes there can be too much flavourings ie herbs n spices etc for my personal taste. One of their bags with some Express Rice and be cooked / reheated at...
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    Pure wool bushy/military? Germany zipped cardy

    While in Germany, I'm fairly sure (20+ years ago) that I saw Civilian contractors wearing something like that. I recall thinking that they looked better than issue jumpers - Which I like quite a bit. Someone should really snap this up, good jumper. Whoever buys it will not be disappointed.
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    Walther CP99 Compact

    For a minute there I thought you were going all 007 on us, then read it correctly.. :lol: