Hmmm Sausages... :)

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Jun 5, 2007
Been wanting to do this for a while, especially since bivibabe can't have gluten etc now. So ventured into the realm of making my own sausages and bacon.. :)

Got a slicer for the bacon, as cutting by hand with the kitchen knives we have was.. interesting at best. Also a mincer and grinder for the sausages bit.

These little chaps were made today..bangers1.jpgbangers2.jpg

Around four and a half pounds of lovely tasting bangers.

mark oriel

Bushcraft company
Good on you Mark, are you using natural or collagen casings? I find Collagen easier when short of time and forgot to soak the natural ones. It gets really addictive making your own butchers best. Another cracker is homemade faggots, here is a quick recipe.
Two whole pork bellies boned and de rinded
One whole pigs liver
Two whole loaves of bread made int breadcrumbs
Six nice big onions
And then depending on taste,
A slack handfull of salt
About half a small pot of white pepper.
Mince all the meat,liver and onions into a big pan like a storage tub. Then add the breadcrumbs and seasoning, mix it all together really well.
Then make medium sized snowballs/faggots, you should get about20 in a turkey tin.
Then cook on about 150 degrees untill cooked about an hour but can be plus or minus.
IMPORTANT they will produce a lot of fat, so you will need to keep tipping out the fat so you don't get a row of the other half or a fire without friction.

Good luck