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    First sporran type pouch

    Looks great. Once you get the bug!!!!!!!
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    Is this the beginning of Chaga?

    Mmmmmmm. I've heard folks coming up from England to Scotland to find it as there's none down in the Shire. May be different from country to country. :)
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    Is this the beginning of Chaga?

    It kinda looks like chaga but a wee bit wet!! Maybe a botched attempt to tap the tree? Any signs of a plug? I've found chaga as far south as Dundee. Don't know if anyone has found it further south.
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    A spot of dehydrating and a minced beef jerky recipe

    I must get round to trying the meat!!! I was shown that you can de-hydrate cooked rice!! gave it a try and it's great. Will try with minced beef. I de-hydrate a bag of carrots, bag of celery and 6x leeks. All blanched and when finished, into blender for a great powdered stock.
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    Installing a woodstove in Scotland?

    I haven't managed to read through the entire post but I struggling to think of someone/anyone taken to task for fitting their own woodburner. Thousands must have done it. not to say it's above board but I wouldn't think illegal and all the stove installers would certainly be telling you. have...
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    Fjallraven Greenland Wax

    I'm not sure, just something I read !! :)
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    Fjallraven Greenland Wax

    Paraffin wax from the Bay not old candles as they have stearin in them. 90% paraffin wax and 10% bees wax. Think I went to 15% beeswax 'cos I like it and had it!!!
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    Fire Steel Blanks Again

    I used to get them from AliExpress and they were about a pound each. they dropped to below 50p and then all of a sdden there are none on Ali. You might get some from China on eBay or pay extra and get them from China but posted from UK.
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    Insulating wooden workshop advice

    see if there are any grants Hamish for insulation?????
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    Drying mushrooms?

    I read somewhere that a dehydrator was not good as it was too high a temp. So, I used my dehydrator of my Birch Boletes last year and they are SUPERB. Just slice and dry on lowest heat setting in dehydrator. Remember when they come out and cool they'll get crispier.
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    Paddle strop board wanted

    I don't think a rounded edge on a flat board would work on the inside of a hook knife. the tip might contact the flat board. I saw someone gaffer taping wet and dry to boards/rounds and then wrapping it around. Put lecky bands to hold and just tear off flat bit that's worn to reveal fresh...
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    Fire Lighting Ideas - simple easy fun

    I use a chinese wok with old candles melted in it. remove from fire and Cubs half dip makeup pads. (Must be 100% cotton, not stitched lines in them). Allow to dry on a black bin liner. then dip other sidde. Result is Prawn fire crackers. Then jute string dipped as before. Just as it...
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    forged garden shear blade

    I was going to ask the same question
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    forged garden shear blade

    sometimes a simple design is actually very hard to pull off. Really nice and simple but demands a second and third look!!
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    Char cloth

    Your char cloth will love a magnifying glass. If it's a sunny day it's almost instantanious. I remember one day in Scotland, two summers ago and it was sunny for half an hour :)