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    Closed cell foam sleep mat for winter use?

    Been happy with my Nemo Switchback close air pad down to around freezing temperatures, not tested it colder than -2. It's the equivalent of the Thermarest Z-Lite and has an R value of 1.9.
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    Dead of Winter

    I think the "middle of" is what most consider it to be but it's a very lose definition. For example, when do the seasons start? Some define winter as starting on the 1st December, others at the winter solstace. Or is the winter solstance meant to be in the "middle" of winter? It all depends on...
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    VAT, customs duties, handling fees etc out of Europe 2021?

    It is just the first month and teething problems should be expected. I'm sure in 6 months time all the relevant suppliers will have the scenario sorted out and things will return to normal, albeit with an extra charge to buy EU goods of course.
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    How to write good letter to land owner

    Along similar lines, how do you find out who owns the woodland? My current thinking is to ask the closest farm if they own the woodland.
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    Survival Tins - Updates

    One of the items he placed in it was a saw blade rolled around the inside which he could then make a frame out of. Brilliant idea I thought so I bought a saw blade but its too thick and will snap if I try an bend it to fit into a 16cm billy. Any recomandations for a saw blade thin enough to fit...
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    Survival Tins - Updates

    Seen videos of Mors talking about his survival kit. It was more of a large zebra billy sized can. Not something which fits in the pocket.
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    Covid-19 Travel for exercise - Reasonable distance

    I have to question how much lower the death rate would be if we had a properly funded NHS. True we all have to play our part, but it seems like ALL the blame is being put onto individuals when the NHS has been staved of money and resources for a decade since the Tories came to power. Even the...
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    What's on your wish list?

    Now I have recieved my Hammock (Thanks,) a Hammock tent and one of those Titanium stoves. With the lottary win I would buy a large woodland to camp in and build a supershelter in it.
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    Covid-19 Travel for exercise - Reasonable distance

    Is not "social distancing" the REAL issue here? People are not wearing masks and passing too close to each other. If those two rules were followed surely the rest is irrelevant? The tighter restrictions being proposed are just to try and enforce those 2 rules as far as I can tell.
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    Email notifications?

    Working for me, maybe your ISP is blocking them?
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    In the (‘ole) Nick of time!

    Don't see how I coudl make anything like you ones but willing to take pointers :)
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    In the (‘ole) Nick of time!

    Next time we meet im gonna order one of these from you Steve. Hopefully it will scare the kids away from my office ;)
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    What 3 words

    For someone not familiar with OS maps I find it very useful for tagging locations I have previous camped in and have left resources at. In my experience it's more like a 10m x 10m square though than a 3x3m square it directs you to.
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    We made it!

    Merry Xmas all
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    Bushcraft and survival skills magazine

    We've finally had an official update from the company on Facebook, I will post it here word for word. TO ALL OUR BUSHCRAFT & SURVIVAL SKILLS MAGAZINE AND BUSHCRAFT SHOW FRIENDS Firstly let me apologise for the lack of communication during the last few months. As some of you know, I have had...