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    Power pack anker or alpkit?

    Highly recommend the brand Outxe. They are relatively new to the market but their powerbanks are specifically designed to be used outside. They are solidly built, have re-enforced corners to survive drops (I think they guarantee a 4ft drop without damage,) they have rubber seals covering the...
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    Ed Stafford Forest Smock

    In all honesty I am not sure that we are the intended audience. Ed Stafford is a household name now and apart from the occasional TV series I do wonder what other sources of income he has, I doubt anything regular. To me this seems like an easy win, there are plenty of armchair bushcrafters /...
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    Winter is coming.

    No concerns house wise but I am little paranoid about being caught out in a sudden snow storm on the motorways with a young family. I am sure we have all seen the news about motorways getting blocked and having to spend the night in the car in situ. To that end I normally make sure we have: *...
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    Ed Stafford Forest Smock

    He's been advertising these on Facebook for a week or so now. Personally I am not sure it justifies the price over the Buffalo Special 6 which I already own.
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    Hertfordshire/Essex meets ups?,+Stevenage+SG2+7AH,+UK/@51.929592,-0.09681,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x48762ead6ac521e7:0x127231971801d2e3!8m2!3d51.927561!4d-0.096955?hl=en-US
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    Lords Wood meet October 22~24 2021

    Definitely coming to this one after missing the last 2. Thinking of coming down Friday evening and setting up in the dark.
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    Lords Wood meet October 22~24 2021

    By adding your name you indicate you have read and understand the guidelines linked on post 1. As always extra days are available prior to the advertised dates. Include this on your paste. 1. woodspirits 22~24 2. TinkyPete 22-24 3. Diamond Dave 22 - 24 4. MikeeMiracle 22 - 24 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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    Hertfordshire/Essex meets ups?

    I'd be up for an overnight meet at Chase Farm just to meet up with everyone, we can always discuss further meets face to face.
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    Hertfordshire/Essex meets ups?

    We need someone with a permission who is willing to allow us to use it. We are not allowed to discuss planned meets without it by the forum rules unless someone wants to setup a chat group with us all in.
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    Hertfordshire/Essex meets ups?

    Nothing has happened yet as far I know.
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    Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine

    I got to speak to some of the team at the Bushcraft show. Apparently they are aware that some people have been billed even though they didnt have their 6 editions sent out first, they blamed an IT issue and appear eager to resolve the issue however, they stated that they have no way of knowing...
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    Lords Wood meet and pics August 27~29

    Looking good guys, see you at the next one.
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    TBS Bushtool

    I think TBS is just generally trying to expand it's range as their products sell due to their reputation. I was at the Great Outdoors Festival where I saw they now also do a Boreal 21 saw equivalent. Thing is, it's the same price as the Boreal 21 and I would much rather get the original Boreal.
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    Beginner Bushcraft Knife and Axe recommendations

    Never had a Mora and while I know they are super popular, comments like this and others tend to indicate to me that they are only good for light work. I have the Varusteleka Terava Jaakaripuukko which is generally described as a Mora Killer by most and at £30, it just doesn't make any sense to...
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    Beginner Bushcraft Knife and Axe recommendations

    Some people prefer to process their wood with an axe instead of battoning with a knife. It's also easier to shape wood into spikes etc. It's a versatile bit of kit...IF you know how to use one.