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    Hi Gary, please may I use this photo on the BM's instagram? I didn't see it on your instagram feed, so I couldn't repost it from there. It's a great photo. thanks you
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    Lymes Disease - 3x more cases than expected.

    @SimonL I have used the tick twister you mention for years on my dog (I've removed hundreds from her) and recently on myself and it is a fantastic thing to use. The tick must be twisted out so that all of the mouth parts are removed from under the skin, if it is merely pulled at then there is a...
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    All settled back home from the BM. Had a wonderful time, still trying to wash the woodsmoke out...

    All settled back home from the BM. Had a wonderful time, still trying to wash the woodsmoke out of my clothes though ...
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    A request for MOOT photos (old and new) for the BUSHMOOT's instagram/twitter feeds ....

    Hi guys, I hope everyone is 'recovering' from their time out in the woods! Thanks to everyone for making the Moot SO special yet again this year .... I thought I would strike whilst the iron's hot .... as many of you already know, I will be 'curating' the Bushmoot's Instagram and Twitter feeds...
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    for Sale

    I would say bring a fair amount Suzanna - there will be a few people up for buying a bit for their own projects I'm sure. If you do a wool felting demonstration during the moot, I bet lots of people will take some afterwards.
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    Site photos

    wow, so just a few changes then. I don't recognise it! I'm glad those yurts will be gone soon. Camping 'pods' sounds interesting.
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    Packing ready...

    Im going to wing it this year and just chuck some stuff into rucksacks and hope for the best
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    Bird contact

    I found the Great Spotted Woodpecker's nest in the woods (the one that comes regularly to the bird table) and the babies have been getting huge recently, the parents diligently feeding them all hours of the day, so much so that they were bulging out of the hole in the tree and yesterday morning...
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    Bird contact

    I feed birds all year round. Most of them are very discerning and at this time of year the bird table is only occupied by the odd house sparrow (we have a fledgling living in the bush nearby). Birds are feeding their young mostly insects at the moment so are not interested in seeds or fat...
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    Bird contact

    Be careful that you don't underestimate the intelligence of birds there MrEd.
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    Bird contact

    You were asking for it though @Woody girl let's face it, some men can't help but slip it in somehow. I would say it's probably got something to do with the fact they are still putting out their fat balls. this is for you:
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    Everest 2019

    Mont Blanc is the next valley along from where I live and several people die there every year, climbing, skiing, walking, whitewater rafting or just hanging out. Even at the end of our little valley walkers regular die. Last year a wingsuited basejumper got pulverised on the rocks half a mile...
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    Everest 2019

    I find it truly sickening that people are climbing Everest like this. An acquaintance did it a month ago on a whim (only to base-camp) His friends talked about it as if he was going to the local pub or something. They all started to get a little worried though when the weather was bad and his...
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    Everest 2019

    Nirmal Purja omg have you seen his instagram feed?!
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    Wildlife pictures

    We have a Great Spotted Woodpecker on our bird table at the moment - ours is male though. Lovely to see a female! I'm hoping one day she may come too. They are pretty noisy I have to say.