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    Micarta (Tufnol) vs Stabilised wood on stainless steel?

    I really do not like Formica or whatever it is called these days, but then you know some folks like plastic so what can you do? It is purely a matter of personal aesthetic preference and what you find comfortable to use. I like antler, wood I have grown myself or leather (which I have not grown...
  2. Laurentius

    Wool blanket

    Well you could start with raising sheep, then shearing them, then carding and spinning the wool, then dying it and weaving it, I reckon that would do you. Otherwise I guess looking for vintage blankets on Ebay, Pendleton, Witney, Otterburn and such.
  3. Laurentius

    Pot size for solo hiker.

    Whatever floats your boat and how hungry you are. I think as a rule an english pint is sufficient or in metric terms 700 of your millilitres. Keeps you slim though :)
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    My New Gang

    Despite its 170 years, I had never heard of the Royal Agricultural University until relatively recently, perhaps because unlike Harper Adams, it has never featured in the Archers :)
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    Fire pistons, what's "the knack"?

    Never managed to get one to work either.
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    Buffalo Special 6 - astonished

    I have a special six and a windshirt. I wear the windshirt more often than the special six, because the pile and pertex item is not all that packable and altogether too warm in anything but the coldest of weather.
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    Face book ?

    What did you do during the great Facebook outage daddy?
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    Petrol and Diesel Shortages

    Tongue in cheek, I thought we were all supposed to be Bushcrafters. Did Oetzi need a tank full of diesel to cross the alps? Did Daniel Boone? Did Robert Louis Stevenson did Daniel Boone, but where can I find a half decent donkey these days?
  9. Laurentius

    Hotels !

    Bucket and chuck it as old time campers used to say.
  10. Laurentius

    Pocket carry munchies

    I have never smoked almonds, sounds like a rather dodgy roll up to me.
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    Academic Balls of Steel...

    If you haven't experienced it already, you are likely to at some point encounter "imposter syndrome" where you feel that everyone else is so much more knowlegable than you are, and you wonder how it is you are even studying the same subject they are. Thing is, they are all feeling that too.
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    Academic Balls of Steel...

    Been there, done that, it hurts to get your first peer review. My PhD Viva was a real test, I had a sympathetic external examiner, who I had chosen who was familiar with my work, but the internal examiner came from a completely different perspective. What I have learned along the way is that...
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    This is what it is like at Postgrad level....

    Reminds me of nature lessons back in Junior school, drawing leaves and insects, and to be perfectly honest I was crap at it.
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    Small spirit stove

    It is actually quite good, I have been playing with it recently. One block will boil you a cuppa, two will cook you a boil in the bag MRE.
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    Clamshell style tactical packs - worth the hassle?

    OCD, I think you have hit the button there. Like many folk here I seem to have and have had an infinity of packs over time. I quite like these various Molle packs as you can add all manner of stuff to the outside, from cameras, to water bottles, to whatever. Many years ago I made myself a...