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    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    Was going camping in N Wales this Easter, but not now. I guess if any stranger turns up at the local general stores for supplies they will be met with as if they were going to the local shop in Royston Vasey
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    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    You won't like this one little bit. My mum was a chronic asthma sufferer, she died from catching an opportunistic infection, developed into pneumonia and she did not have the lung capacity to survive. I would guess I am in the at risk category too, only ever had mild asthma and don't use an...
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    What would you forage in your local area?

    Bricks and anything else useful left over from the building site on my doorstep :)
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    Leather ''ZIPPO'' lighter Pouch?

    Indeed I lost both zippo and pouch that way, somewhere up on the Malverns. I hope somebody found it and made good use of it otherwise it will be one for the archeologists in future years.
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    Thoughts on Removing Wood from Woodland

    I did have one person on our allotments telling me that I should not be working on the Coucil's land for free because of health and safety, insurance liabilities and all that, but there are some worry warts out there, he is the same guy who says we shouldn't be taking water from the river...
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    My GP is on sick leave and my surgery has been closed for weeks for unrelated reasons. I had better not get ill.
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    Thoughts on Removing Wood from Woodland

    It all does belong to someone. At the end of the day it is about proportion and being sensible. If only a few people pick up dead wood it is not a problem, if it became very popular it would start to have an effect on the environment. In the past in my younger days I have done it, used to go out...
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    Your opinion wanted!

    If you have nothing else by way of an FAK, sterile pads and gaffer tape are your friends
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    Happy St David's Day!

    Can't find daffodils for love nor money these days, it is all narcissuses (sp)
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    Sheath making advice?

    I am in awe of many of the leather workers on this forum who have posted pictures of there work, however it has not deterred me from having a go and I have made a variety of sheaths in various ways including hand sewing which I am not very good at and rivetting. Folding over and rivetting is...
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    Really need to stop buying knives

    Damned Firefox I just double posted this!!!!
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    Really need to stop buying knives

    Oh absolutely, I bought an antique bayonet recently, and do you know what I could not resist seeing if you could use it for snedding. Rumour has it anyway that they were more often employed for chopping firewood than sticking it up the enemy, corporal Jones notwithstanding
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    Hat recommendations please

    It is what I mostly rely on in winter, mind you of late I have gone all peaky blinder with my tweed cap, which may not have the ear flaps but is alright under a hood.
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    Home made Thorn proof dressing?

    I think back in the day that the original oilcloth was soaked in linseed oil. Mixed with turpentine it used to be used for preparing canvases for oil painting. There is apparantly a problem with linseed oil though in that it can cause spontaneous combustion when the cloth dries out. I have never...
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    Home made Thorn proof dressing?

    Time to get out my brother's recipe once again, the rinds of dutch cheese dissolved in parrafin. I have not tried it myself, but I guess he must eat a lot of dutch cheese :)