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  1. Keith_Beef

    Looking for compass recommendations

    Thanks, all. I won't need super-accuracy. This will mostly be for horseback orienteering along tracks in the forest.
  2. Keith_Beef

    Looking for compass recommendations

    I'm on the lookout for a compass for orienteering, and from looking at websites' "five best orienteering compasses", and looking at prices, I'm hesitating between a Suunto MC-2 and a Silva Ranger SL. Any opinions on these two, or suggestions for something else up to about €40?
  3. Keith_Beef

    What did you buy today?

    Well, a couple of weeks ago, now, but didn't think of this thread... A Celestron C70 scope courtesy of Lostplanet and a Meade ETX 90 through eBay. The Meade came without an eyepiece, and I think my Celestron 6mm will be a bit narrow for some viewing, so I picked up an inexpensive 25mm ocular...
  4. Keith_Beef

    HEADS UP. Excellent budget throwing spikes.

    I got a couple of these from the French B&Q equivalent to use as forge tools.
  5. Keith_Beef

    First indoor fire of the year :)

    Well, I wrote that on Wednesday. Thursday was cool, but not really cold, and mostly fine. But I still stopped off and got two bags of firewood. This morning was cool and rainy, too. But on the way home.... SNOW. Not heavy, and the ground was too warm for it to stay, though there were a few...
  6. Keith_Beef

    Finnish Wool Trousers

    Wow, Martti, this old thread still has life in it! I'd be interested in new old stock nahkasaappaat, if you can still get them in size 44 or 45, and the field grey trousers in size 8/58... Reply in the thread or PM me, if you prefer, with prices for two pairs of the boots and two pairs of the...
  7. Keith_Beef

    First indoor fire of the year :)

    Might light another fire tonight, now that the weather has turned a bit chilly. I lit one a couple of weeks ago, when it was cold one evening, but the weather has been quite mild for the past couple of months.
  8. Keith_Beef

    Not British made anymore!

    I have a canvas print of a photo of the Henderson's factory; a present from my little brother, a few years ago.
  9. Keith_Beef

    The Ultimate "What is this Fungi?" thread.

    I was watching an old episode of QI on Youtube last week, and the subject of mushrooms came up. Among the chatter, Stephen Fry referred to a group of mycologists who had bought a packet of dried mushrooms from a supermarket in the UK and tested the pieces of mushroom in it. I tracked down a...
  10. Keith_Beef

    Mini Analogue Casio TV 770?

    I remember wanting a TV that I saw in a shop window when I was a teenager: hifi separate format, must have been between a 3" and a 4" diagonal, black and white CRT.
  11. Keith_Beef

    The "What is this bug?" thread

    Thanks. It is probably a Cheiridium museorum (Leach, 1817), the common name is Book Scorpion.
  12. Keith_Beef

    An 'I don't believe it' moment....

    I see a lot of people like this on my way to and from work. The women for the most part looking at instagram or pinterest collections of clothing, make-up or shoes or are on shopping apps; a few are playing candy crush or bejewelled or are watching a film. The blokes are all watching films or...
  13. Keith_Beef

    What's this fish?

    Thanks for your help.
  14. Keith_Beef

    What's this fish?

    Ah, that explains it! Well done. I've saved the image to my ImgBB space and updated the link.
  15. Keith_Beef

    What's this fish?

    From that, I guess that you don't see it... There is one there, but I've seen this happen in threads from time to time... sometimes I don't see an image, sometimes I see it but others don't.