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    Tips & tricks for drying apple rings

    We use one of the peeler/corers, very glad we got it! I’ll try the citric acid rinse next batch.. great video
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    Simple home made cider

    Weve been having a go at this, this year, only a few pints so far, but fingers crossed
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    Sold Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife

    Id be interested in that, pm sent
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    For Sale Survival kit odds and ends - new and relisted stuff

    Hello, Id like the compass and the stone/lighter please.. £20, pm sent
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    Mystery item identification?

    That's great Mary! and thanks for the link... I may well give that a go...
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    Mystery item identification?

    Yep they go out straight then all slope at an angle, no wiggle in them, quite sturdy.
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    Mystery item identification?

    Theres no measurement on it and while they hold in place they dont lock..
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    Mystery item identification?

    I wondered if the spikes were to hold the sock in place,
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    Mystery item identification?

    I bought this for 50p at a vintage fair today.. Its plastic, no visible name or writing/marking. The top plate is scratched in a radial pattern. The knob at the bottom turns making the steel spines round the edge pop out or retract. When retracted the spines are flush with the edge. I think its...
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    Group Buy DD group buy 2019

    Arrived today! Many thanks!
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    Group Buy DD group buy 2019

    Pm sent
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    Group Buy DD group buy 2019

    Hello, I'll put in for a DD Tarp 5x5 - Olive Green X1 please... thanks for organising...
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    Yep, I like it, use the mince in lasagnes, occasionally have the quorn bacon stuff..
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    Homemade energy bars

    I've made "energy" bars for longer distance runs, with mixed success! mostly oats and raisins based.. I'd be keen to try again, so I'll watch for recipes. I like the idea of the alcohol soaked fruit...
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    BcUK Photograph of 2018 Winning Photograph

    Well done Woodspirits! and thanks for the competition each month through the year!!