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    Two New Ray Mears Series

    Ray Mears is at least bringing important (often purposely overlooked) aspects of history, and historical characters to the attention of the public. Even if you don't like his presenting style... you have to respect what he has managed to do. Without Ray, I would never have known about Amundsen...
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    Swedish army trangia's for swap

    Hi guys/Girls, I'm looking for an Optimus Crux Lite burner (has to be the Lite version). I have 2 swedish army trangia kits to swap (1 steel, 1 aluminum). Also other goodies! inc. Polish poncho shelter
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    Hello from the Midlands

    Hi, I'm also ex London living in the Midlands. Some good guys around and meets up here to.. where in the midlands are you?
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    Lords wood meet dates 2021

    Thanks this will help me plan ;)
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    Lords Wood May meet pics 2021

    Great stuff! Many mosquitoes?
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    Lords Wood work party and photo's April 23~25 2021

    Looks great guys!
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    North Wood January 2021

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    Shopping in London?

    London isn't that great for outdoors stuff. However, if you are determined to visit... you could try Lea Valley campsite (i had a german friend camp there before). It's not too far from the Bushcraft Store in Enfield (highly recommended) if you have a car/camper van. It is also close to Epping...
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    LORDS WOOD August 28~30th 2020 PICTURES

    Genuinely gorgeous looking bit of woodland there!
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    Current issue mess kits (lack of info?)

    google search these... this is the one I have. Alocs Camping Spirit Burner Camping Stove Alcohol stove
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    Current issue mess kits (lack of info?)
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    Current issue mess kits (lack of info?)

    That's one of the easier components to find.
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    Modellers Corner

    outstanding painting skills!
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    Current issue mess kits (lack of info?)

    If you mean the soldier stove, you will have to assemble it yourself. I have tried contacting the company that supplies them (katadyn), they are a big contractor, and they only supply in large quantities... products are from various manufacturers, and some components have changed over the last...
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    North Wood Farewell Meet 26 -28 June 2020

    Have a good one chaps. I wish I could be there.