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    Knife kit Shing blade blank *TRADED*

    Got a bit of a knife kit on offer. Main item of a blade blank by Shing, a master of his craft as many of you know. High carbon steel but i' m not sure if it is O1 or D2. Sandi grind, lovely little bushy blade. Included are a pair of bone scales, maybe camel but they do look very white, a pair of...
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    Tatonka Tarp 4TC *TRADED*

    Tatonka Tarp 4TC in cocoon (tan). Used once, never wet, in 'as new' condition c/w storage bag, 285 x 400, don't confuse this with the polyester version, this is the polycotton version. looking to trade for 'sharp and shiny', Leatherman tools, G-Shock watches, 5.11 gear, gucci torches, EDC, WHY...
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    5.11 RUSH 24 in Sandstone

    Got a Sandstone Rush 24 in great condition. Looking to trade it for another 24 in Black, Double Tap or maybe Multicam. Let me know if there is interest and I'll send detailed pics. Thanks for looking.
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    Fenix torches

    I may be wrong but I think it uses CR123a batteries.
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    leatherman super tool 200 to swop

    PM sent Dan.
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    Fjallraven Distance P5 and Thermarest x 2

    Still available for the time being........... .............No longer, now Bag and large mat are SOLD on BB. Anyone liking the short mat? Thanks for all the Interest
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    Fjallraven Distance P5 and Thermarest x 2

    I have a Fjallraven Distance P5 ultralight down sleeping bag. Now discontinued it has been used only one and is in excellent condition. I'll post pics shortly but i' m looking fire a Leatherman Charge or similar in trade. EDIT: Fjallraven Distance P5 down sleeping bag. This is a discontinued...
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    I much prefer the Leatherman concept to the SAK but to each his own. If you want one without a blade they do a baseless Fuse as well as the aforementioned Rebar. If you want a blade but not too many other tools a blades Fuse, Sidekick, Wingman or, if you can find one, Kick are all pretty light...
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    Clear out for trade

    Sorry, pouch has gone. Post #8 has the list of what is still available. The Therma-rest in post #9 is all i would be interested in what you have mentioned but what you are looking at may not stack up against that value wise.
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    Clear out for trade

    Hi Tengu, i still have the patches and the '58 pattern clips (4 not 2) but the webbing and buckles have just gone. Sorry about that, would you still be Interested?
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    Clear out for trade

    Finlay pouch now traded. That now leaves: Bill hook Berghaus pack cover Buckles, webbing, TRADED shock cordage, '58 pattern clips Maxpedition Mini Organiser TRADED Maglite Solitaire TRADED LED Lenser Multitool Badges Silk sleeping bag liner MoD mini sharpening stone Snugpak Sleeka storage bag...
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    Clear out for trade

    OK, more to add to the pot Maxpedition Mini organiser in Wolf Grey. great bit of kit but i need the next one up (EDC). This is in superb condition, virtually unused. Maglite Solitaire, excellent condition, works perfectly, just wacked in a new Duracell AAA so good to go! LED...
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    Clear out for trade

    A Finlay Possibles pouch and tin Still Available TRADE PENDING Old Hickory knife set NOW TRADED Boker Subcom folder NOW TRADED Bill Hook Still Available RAB Alpine Bivi NOW TRADED Berghaus Pack cover Still Available Folding mini wood burning stove NOW TRADED Pouches NOW TRADED various buckles...
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    Movie, recommendations

    Really, Really tried to watch it but could only manage half an hour.
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    Jungle boots

    I was in the Ecuadorian Jungle in May and just used uninsulated Danner boots. Yes, they are Gore-Tex lined but this proved not to be a problem and they are comfortable and supportive (i've had them for years). I had no problems whatsoever as long as i used the right socks (Military issue desert...