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    Sold Glycine Airman DC-4 24hr watch

    1. ITEM: Glycine Airman DC-4 24hr watch 2. CONDITION: Very good 3. EXTRAS: Box, paperwork etc. 4. LOCATION: UK 5. PRICE: £470 including RMSD Sold elsewhere 6. DESCRIPTION: For sale is a Glycine Airman DC-4 (model name GL0072) which I purchased new in the summer of 2020. This has a 42mm case...
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    Sold Carving tools.

    Seconds please, on all three items, if the above should fall through
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    Sold Spyderco Rescue jr, Roadie, Walker Lightweight

    Walker LW please Edit: Funds sent and knife received! What a brilliant seller to deal with - many thanks indeed.
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    Wanted WTB: Small Forest Axe

    Still looking
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    For Sale Hammock system

    Got any links to the items too? I can't actually find a 'UK hammocks' - I've found a Hammocks Co Uk, but they seem to be actually called the Mexican Hammock Company. Sorry if I'm being daft.
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    Sold Celtic sheepskin fingerless gloves.

    I meant the glove size rather than hat? The website suggests multiple sizes. Good to know about the smoke free too, thank you.
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    Sold Celtic sheepskin fingerless gloves.

    May I ask the size? And smoke-free?
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    For Sale Stuff for Sale

    I'll take the Berghaus Free flow 20
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    Identification through deduction

    I'm just about to buy this book, hence searching on here first - it really does look great and the author's video on the subject is both engaging and informative. Has anyone tried out the card game? I can't find it for sale anywhere, but it looks like a great way to learn and be tested at the...
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    eVent waterproof jackets?

    Interesting! Do you perchance have a link to that article? I've searched, but (maybe part of the brand's problem) is that 'event' is quite a used word and you can't seem to specify the text format to narrow it down to the actually relevant eVent term!
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    eVent waterproof jackets?

    Morning Bushcrafters, I'm looking to get a dedicated waterproof jacket (rather than one with insulation included) and eVent seems to be a great option given its improved breathability over any of the Gore Tex laminates. However, I've seen that eVent seems to be in lots of jackets that are now...
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    Recommendations for lightweight tarp

    I can't say I've used my 3x3 SL from DD a great deal, but it sure is light and keeps the rain out! I found this guide on making a quick deployment set-up for it (you basically pre-thread and pre-tie some cordage to it) and it's encouraged me to use it a lot more as you're then able to put it up...
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    Sold AMOK DRAUMR Hammock

    And funds sent
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    Sold AMOK DRAUMR Hammock

    As PM'd a little earlier, yes please on this