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    Quick question: I am booked on the cyntell making workshop tomorrow. Do I assume it starts at 10? So if I arrived at about 9.30, I can park the car and get my bearings? Thanks!
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    Courses in July 2015

    Thank you and thank you! Just trying to find someone to look after the arts centre for me on the 24th, fingers crossed :)
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    Courses in July 2015

    I am interested in the Cyntell making workshop. Am I right in assuming we will make a whole basket during the course of the workshop? Also, I'd like to camp the night of the 24th, but there doesn't seem to be an option for this on the Bushmoot site for this? Thanks!
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    Wild Stove’s Wood gas stove MK II

    I have one and used it a few times now. I was actually camping at a race, so in the car and able to bring my own 'firewood'. I used oak offcuts from floorboards cut to size. Burns a treat and long. It took 4.5 minutes to boil half a litre of water in a Ti pot on first receiving it. It was even...