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    Berry picker dimensions

    Stainless TIG filler rod comes in 2.4mm diameter. Would that be an option?
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    Plastic screw top

    If you know someone with a metalworking lathe they should be able to turn something up for you. It does depend on what the thread is though. They would need tje kettle to measure and fit to as well. I'd give it a go for you but I'm nowhere near you.
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    Hi! Does anybody have experience of foldable Bergans Ally canoes?

    I have an Ally 16.5 DR. It's lighter than my 14ft Apache canoe. Strangely the Ally in its bag feels much heavier than when its constructed :O_O: We've had the whole family (2 adults 2 kids) out in it and there was capacity to spare. They are well built. Spares are available. They do take a bit...
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    Fire pit options

    As Broch said. The 4 legged version has now got sockets for supporting the hotplate and has been painted. Still not done the actual hotplate frame and supports though. Really must get round to it :whistling:
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    Fire side snifters

    Islay Malt for me too. Laphroaig preferably. That said I'll give most things a try :p
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    The Turbo Encabulator - how engineering sounds to non-engineers.

    Have you seen the "look around you" videos? :whistling: here
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    Stew's Works in Progress!

    Looks like and adjustable angle plate :)
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    Baffled by Ebay changes

    I don't think they own PayPal any more. Haven't for years.
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    Joining the canoe world.

    Fair enough :)
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    Joining the canoe world.

    Really, I can't remember any times that he has claimed to be an expert on anything, let alone everything?
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    What's the best pocket /keyring torch?

    I've got an o-light i1R2 in my pocket basically all the time. Not the brightest torch out there but bright enough. Best bit is it's tiny, thus is not even noticable to carry, and recharges from a standard USB cable.
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    Victorinox. Why?

    I have an Alox Pioneer 3/Harvester in my pocket pretty much all the time. It's got the blades/bits I wanted and none of the ones I didn't(I don't want a corkscrew and a if I need a can opener I'll pack one when I put the can in). It's not too bulky to just stay in my pocket. It is missing...
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    Heavy duty combats recommendations please

    I wear the CPU version both in shorts and trousers. They have a really convenient pocket(2 actually) for a smart phone. Ther little one between the normal front pockets and the side cargo pockets. :)
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    Any Machinists On The Forum?

    I have a lathe and a mill in the garage. Just a hobby though. I'd be happy to help. What sort of cap are you looking for and what size is the outlet of the beer keg? Given the rolled top of the outlet shown in the pics something that fits inside the outlet would make more sense to me. Would a...
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    Hou canoes

    You might be better off asking on Song Of The Paddle forums. I have a very nice 14 ft Apache. Stu and Mark (MultiMark on SOTP) are both very nice to talk to. I've not heard anything bad about Hou though. One thing to bear in mind is that the length of the model is very approximate. My 14 ft...