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    N. Ireland folks. (Mobile Homes)

    Thanks, I'll give him a shout.
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    N. Ireland folks. (Mobile Homes)

    Longshot, but anyone know of any sites, close to decent countryside that I might be able to find a second hand static for sale?
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    Greenheat Gel

    Greenheat is pants. At least as cooking fuel, reasonable enough as a firelighter.
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    the Arktis 1714 assault pack

    Could well be, but they ain't made outta the same stuff.... That sad Arktis aren't what they were, largely, I think ironically, because of the demand for their stuff.
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    Telescopic fishing rods

    I've gotten a clart of fishing gear off Lidl in the past couple of years since my old and originally expensive kit was knicked from the boot of my motor. The interveneing time since I bought my gear has obviously had a profounf effect as this "budget" stuff appears to all intents and purposes...
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    Reasons for carrying a knife (in the UK).......

    I know what my response would be if I were "told" to remove protective clothing by a copper. I do think the "red rag to a bull" theory is sound though.
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    virgin bush

    Travois, Regarding your sending packages ahead. La Poste will certainly do Poste Restante for you on the French part of your journey. You need to address the parcel to yourself, surname first, then the full address of the central Post Office in the town you're passing and mark the...
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    How many of us does it take to change a light bulb?

    You forgot about the "1 to say 'I have read all this before in another forum'". Which would be me. Still makes me laugh though :lmao:
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    irish wild camping

    Actually..... A good few years ago I was in Co. Clare with a couple of mates. We'd done a slightly naughty overnight in the grounds of what in the UK would be described as a stately home. No fires, no tents, just doss bags and kip mats under the trees (good wx for a change). Next...
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    irish wild camping

    Very few problems in Ireland generally as long as you keep your nose clean and don't pitch in someone's crop. However there's no legal standing for it (AFAIK) so be good. That said, I personally feel that the situation is preferable to landowners being forced to allow access. It means...
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    potasium permanganate+suger

    PP & sugar will start fires with tinder so wet or poor that firesteel will make no impression.. For that matter you'd be through half a box of matches at least before you got the same heat/energy released. Good stuff when used correctly. Blinding fun when used absolutely incorrectly. :D
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    Could be the beginning of the end?

    Yes, I'm afraid I'd be the same.
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    Cat amongst the pigeons....

    <careful mode> I reckon a sociologist would be interested in these results. </careful mode>
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    Take only photos, leave only footprints.

    If I saw it scrawled on anything it would annoy me too.... Clean Up The World sounds like a do-er
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    thank goodness it was shut

    I realise that, but got the impression that it was the association with the previous visitor via the use of "BCUK" that caused the problem. Sorry if there was any misunderstanding.