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  • Hello Gill
    I'll have the Lowas please at £80 all inclusive. Can you send me your email address please?
    Hi please post to Gary Gilmour , 4 Macgregor Drive , Kilmarnock ,Ayrshire , KA37EP,Thank you,GILL.

    Your inbox is full, so here's what I sent. I'll try to do it properly later!!!

    I can understand that, apart from anything else, the handle's too small to be of any use. I'll probably just pass it on to someone who can make use of it!

    My address is:

    Bob Hewitt
    47 New Road
    TQ5 8NL

    I'll get the knives away tomorrow morning.


    Hi Gill,

    Your inbox is full.

    re Sand Smock...

    Too rich for me at the moment - thanks anyway though.

    Hey Gill,
    I asked a question about the muckluks you had for sale, are they still available?


    Ogri the trog
    Is the basha still for sale or am i too late am more than happy to drive down to pick it up if you want you have my number so call me
    Hey Gill

    my name is stone tool man and i was checking out your post and man you are pretty cool keep on doin what you love and pass it on
    Hi Gill,

    Thats me back at work after my altercation with Grim!
    Hope you are doing well.
    Aw ra best
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