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    Good ideas for stuff to make with children :)

    Instructions for 3 simple projects here from a UK Crafts Council , Craft Club newlsetter. Disclosure - they are free but from a book I wrote so admin please delete if this is deemed an advert.
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    Hand washing in a time of virus

    No problem. thanks for the comment - you are right - it is a solution to a practical problem that doesn't exist! My reason for making (apart from that it was fun) was psychological. I had 9 new people visiting the site. Their course had been delayed for 4 months and I didn't know them in...
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    Hand washing in a time of virus

    Hi, I've just started back running educational events with groups in the woods again and have had to make some adjustments to operating procedures to be Covid Secure. I use a tippy tap for hands free water pouring but struggled to find a good solution for hands free soap dispensing. I came up...