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  • Hello Fraser,

    Thanks for the extra photo.

    I just saw your email, we just returned from thebparty we organised for my mother-in-law and it was a very nice party.

    Fraser, I don't mind the Socut Firesteel isn't included, I just saw that the jackets were sold with one

    Fraser, I don't know what the jacket weighs but my guess is that if it's folded and put in a very strong Postal Tyvec bag it will weigh less then 1.5 kg, would the 110 GBP include sending it to the Netherlands? if it does I would like the jacket please.
    I checked with Royal Mail and an Airmail small packets for 1500 gram weight will cost less the 9 GBP.

    I'm off to bed, I'll be online again in 6 hours at 8 am this morning (Thursday).

    Best Scouting wishes from Holland,

    Piet Henskens
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