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  1. Ettrick reiver

    Sold TBS Lynx

    Hi Jon You have a PM Thanks Ettrick Reiver
  2. Ettrick reiver

    What did you buy today?

    A Browning 425 over and under shotgun ( well deposit paid) hopefully get a shot with it on the keepers day. Ettrick reiver
  3. Ettrick reiver

    What did you buy today?

    Great choice :thumbsup: I have a walnut scaled Boar and it’s a very capable knife. It’s feature of being able to tighten the pivot is a welcome one for long term use. Enjoy !
  4. Ettrick reiver


    Nice one :thumbsup: You tae !
  5. Ettrick reiver

    What did you buy today?

    TBS Ahma Pukko and a Boar Mk1
  6. Ettrick reiver

    Let's See Your R.J. Evans Knives

    Another of Rob’s FTP’s, his leather work is excellent too:thumbsup: Very capable blades and highly recommended.
  7. Ettrick reiver

    Let's See Your R.J. Evans Knives

    Great knives
  8. Ettrick reiver

    RIP David Bellamy

    He was a great supporter of the Moorland Gamekeepers Association and always championed the benefit of habitat management by gamekeepers. Local to where I live he also helped in securing the future of an ancient woodland. Great bloke and a proper countryman. RIP David
  9. Ettrick reiver

    Withdrawn 3 knives

    Thanks Rob, will let you know when it arrives. Cheers Garry
  10. Ettrick reiver

    Withdrawn 3 knives

    Hi Rob PM sent reference TLIM Nessmuck. Thanks Garry
  11. Ettrick reiver

    For Sale REDUCED 4 fixed blades - Casstrom, Enzo, Mora, Kellam

    A bump for a cracking bloke to deal with:thumbsup:, note to self stop looking at the Enzo Elver !
  12. Ettrick reiver

    For Sale Jacket, rucksack, poncho.

    Hi I would like the Viper Panther pack please ? Thanks Ettrick reiver
  13. Ettrick reiver

    Day Out Autumn Songs

    I love it how it always seems to be a robin that is the first of our feathered companions when in woods at this time of the year.
  14. Ettrick reiver

    Starting a new job!

    Congratulations John ! :thumbsup:
  15. Ettrick reiver

    Sold Into The Wild book. Chris McCandless

    I would like to buy it please ? PM’d Thanks