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    Question re: Leather thickness?

    Stamping, embossing, carving et al are subsets of tooling as a whole. Your description of splits is far more charitable than mine - I won't use it for much, it represents a false economy in materials as far as I'm concerned. Depends on the tan, really - this stuff was used for pouches for...
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    Question re: Leather thickness?

    That said, 3.5 is fine - I've tooled some 2.5mm stuff that was OK, but I'd prefer not to repeat the experience (too thin and it gets mushy - calfskin is a real sod). I've never had acceptable results tooling splits other than with a hot creasing tool, which has fuelled a prejudice against...
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    Bushcrafting in Hampshire

    I'd say go and have a look and make your own mind up :) I'd far rather buy what I can mail-order, even though I only work a few miles away from them.
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    Hampshire Bushcraft Weekend 23rd-24th July 2011

    I know the site next door - access was a problem to that one (through someone else's field), which put me off somewhat. I doubt that Combat South have the same problem. I don't think I remember any boggy areas, but this was probably 5 years ago so I may be mistaken.
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    Hampshire Bushcraft Weekend 23rd-24th July 2011

    The "out of bounds" area was up for sale a couple of years ago. Nothing much in the way of interesting crops IIRC, the occasional redwood (!); not much in the way of stuff to forage, although there were some impressive funghi - although I didn't check to see what they were.
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    Bushcrafting in Hampshire

    Well, they have some shotguns. A couple of air rifles that they sneer at. And a bloody awful approach to customer service.
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    looking for someone to add engravings to my knives!

    Please be aware that few engravers will be overjoyed to be asked to engrave already hardened blades - fundamentally, that puts the hardness of the graver at not much over the hardness of the blade... Engraving bolsters is possible, etching or burring (possibly drag engraving, not tried it) are...
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    Is it me or the gun?

    It's a springer, not a PCP. Don't clamp it (you're constraining the recoil and you won't get an accurate zero if you do), just do as Red suggested and rest it on a bag of compost (or a sandbag, sand sock etc. etc.).
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    Gloves for handling hot pots

    I think they'll deliver the pair for that cost.
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    Leather working tools too.
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    O1 or D2 steel for a bushy???

    Hmm. I *was* going to say read Bladeforums - I haven't been there much the past few years, that's where I contacted him. Googling it, however... Yikes. I have a Roger Linger knife, I had no problems in the purchase, but that was at least 5 years ago, possibly more. O1 vs D2 - both are...
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    ration packs for the moot?

    I had a box with a number of BB in it. 2 mice got into it, shredded one pack... And died in the box. None of the other packs were touched. Never did work out a suitable LD50 for the things. (and they're not bad with Primula :) )
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    British Blades Forum - down

    I dunno, these people who use different usernames around the place...
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    Challenge for the steel/ iron smiths!!

    The resulting shape is the one that needs to be balanced, not the sheet. Look at it this way - if you take a rectangle, the balance point will be at the centre. If you then cut a shape out of one end, that end will be lighter and shift the COG towards the other end.
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    Challenge for the steel/ iron smiths!!

    Personally, I'd saw it & carve it out of sheet, patinate it and then magnetise it. I don't think I'd bother forging for that kind of project.