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    Tarp for van awning

    These things can be fitted if you have access to the inside of the vehicle shell, you can fit the base and leave it on and the ring can be removed in seconds so its not rattling as you drive down the road. You'll need the stud...
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    Archaeologists and Bowyers – Advice please

    Ahh that makes much more sense to me. Err... as you were.:)
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    Archaeologists and Bowyers – Advice please

    I'm slightly confused by the comment about the bow being thin and its size will have been due to shrinkage over the years? I know wood shrinks as it dries but once it gets to its minimum moisture content it doesn't carry on shrinking. It could rot.
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    Slightly larger gasification stove.

    Dunno but I'm tagging onto this thread to find out myself.
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    Land Registry & Solicitors Advice??

    So theres no old fence, no line of trees that would be an overgrown hedge? Usually a river will erode the outside of a bend and the inside will get bigger. Does the land drop away as if there was an old riverbank on your side?
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    Day Out Penprys Pit

    Some of the areas round here have a layer of coal with a layer of Carboniferous limestone above it (possibly alternating layers of this but I'm not sure) and theres lots of whats shown on the map as sinkholes, many of these "Sinkholes" are actually old bellmines where they dug through the...
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    Day Out Penprys Pit

    As above, plus as soon as they stop digging the hole out for materials they start filling it with rubbish and it ends up being a local council tip. On a walk by the river with my 8 year old granddaughter last week she found a brick with the name Sandysike on it from the brickworks that made it...
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    Ajungilak sleeping bag

    Dunno about thar particular model but I have a Tyin Winter bag they made, not the lightest bag but I've slept in a hole in the rocks well into the minuses quite comfortably. Good bit of kit.
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    Stacked birch bark Brisa Tommi

    I've never seen a single knife on here that Alf made hasn't looked great. Maybe I'm slightly biased because I like my leather grip Estwings which there are similar to but again, this one looks great.
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    Good fjallraven 'trouser' alternatives

    Can't say I really have "Outdoor Trousers" specifically, but I do have work trousers which often amount to the same thing. For years I've used Snickers Floorlayer trousers but I've noticed a marked decline in the quality and longevity of the stitching. To the point where the last two pairs got...
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    Sold Fallkniven WM1

    Were it not for the fact that my income has fell off a cliff then into a swamp I would have been after it myself. I've got fairly big bloke hands but quite like small knives.
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    Biking to the shops a lot more

    From my take on it it's seemed like every spring through to Autumn Ive been working about an hour and half drive away from home. Doing that plus a physical job and I just don't have the energy to go out on my bike. If I'm working closer I can. Its that simple. The officewallas who do nowt but...
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    Whats the best grind for your ideal bushcraft knife?

    For me the angle matters more than the grind. Flat grind is ok if the blade isnt too deep but on a very deep blade it means the cutting angle is too acute and more liable to edge failure. Thats just plain geometry and a deep blade with a flat grind is basically a kitchen knife. Great for slicing...
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    Biking to the shops a lot more

    Dusted my pushbike off after a decent period of not really having the time for it. Went out and did a 41 minute ride on it but as I'd not ridden it for ages it took me 52 minutes... Couple of days later the same 11.46 mile ride took 48 mins but realistically its still absolutely dog slow...
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    under estimated tools

    Do you ever use a toothing plane? Seems like a good way to get a grippier glueline to me and its used for that with veneering. Seems like the kind of thing bowmakers might use.