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    Ikea is bushcraft friendly

    Just done this. only i used the dowel part of the hanger as the spindle, its thin but it does the job "and waste not want not" To be honest this is the first time ive managed to get fire from the bow drill method as the only other time i try is when im already in the field and struggle...
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    Plant I.D. help needed.

    haha, now you've said this i can see it a mile Thanks
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    What to do with.....excess chillies

    What a responce!! cheers guys, good ideas a cool chilli forum and some days out planned for next year!! awesome
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    A question of wood!

    5) +1 auger. also see this
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    What to do with.....excess chillies

    Hi everyone. Does any one have any good tips for things to do with excess chillies. I have about 3 kg's of them here. I'm ideally after making chilli mash like this but i cant find a recipe for long-term storage (i.e. not in a fridge) All other creative and delicious suggestions welcome (p.s...
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    Plant I.D. help needed.

    Hello. I wonder if any of you bright people can I.D. this plant for me, as i have no idea what it is? It's about 5 ft long and its stem is about 2" in diameter at its base. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Dandelion coffee?

    as do acorns
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    What happens if you eat a myxomatosis rabbit

    Mixxy wasnt created by man its just been purposely released in many locations around the world to controll rabbit population..... i think John is getting mixxy confused with RHD which was created by man and is just as bad if not worse for the rabbits than mixxy is.
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    Are mallards edible?

    Its also illegal for you to shoot lead shot/pellet in the direction of a body of water. So make sure you're sporting and try to take the duck in flight.
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    What happens if you eat a myxomatosis rabbit

    first thread on mixxy that i have seen with pictures that make me happy ;P Im almost sure the liver is fine to eat as long as it looks healthy as Myxomatosis doesn't directly affect the liver at any stage of disease. However its not just social ideas which have to be dealt with to eat a...
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    Dandelion coffee?

    Hi, I’m more of a lurker on this site but I thought I would finally chip in. Although I'm a male and have no personal experience with 'hot flushes' I do know a lot about them in scientific terms (through psychological and biological research) and I also have a passion for the medicinal...
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    Frame of mind/Psychology of solo trips.

    Actually the fears mentioned are not quite the same. A fear of darkness (nyctophobia) is a fear of the unknown not of a particular construct but of what our imagination is able to create. And as for the nature v's nurture debate on fear of snakes (ophiophobia), there have been a great many...
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    Hi from Plymouth!

    Thought it was about time i finally registered and said howdy, so Hi! I've been visiting this site for around a year or two and thought it was time i gave myself a voice. I have a bit of previous experience mainly in survival skills rather than bush craft. but am looking to improve my over...