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  1. Dark Horse Dave

    My latest design.

    Looks great. Love that handle shape. Definitely not your run of the mill!:)
  2. Dark Horse Dave

    Leather glove treatment

    I just use neetsfoot oil from a farming/horsey type shop and am happy with it.
  3. Dark Horse Dave

    The ray mears beanie

    Had one, liked it, then shrank it in the wash. My fault of course. I've got a couple of the merino wooly hats from Varusteleka now, which I actually prefer - and I've washed them without shrinking
  4. Dark Horse Dave

    Archery Bow

    An aside for Bob: Quicks at Walton has gone!! (Just as Mrs DHD & I are doing our long-delayed induction at Company of 60!) Hope all's well with you
  5. Dark Horse Dave

    Should have been today...

    I had deliberately pushed this - and a load of other good things we had planned - to the back of my mind. Then I got a calendar reminder this morning. . Still, got to keep positive. Hope everyone is doing ok, and hopefully we'll all catch up next year .
  6. Dark Horse Dave

    Recommendations for lightweight tarp

    BPL Duo tarp This has been my go-to tarp for maybe 8 years (? I can't quite remember). I've picked up a few little cuts on it over the years, but all my Tenacious Tape repairs have held fine. It's been great - plenty of loops - and I'd buy another in a shot.
  7. Dark Horse Dave

    Telemark pack

    I've used neatsfoot oil a couple of times on the leather on mine and I can't say I've noticed significant darkening. It did remedy an annoying squeak from the harness bit and make it all a bit more supple, so seemed to work okay for me.
  8. Dark Horse Dave

    The old Britishblades forum

    The Duke's Head in Putney? I was only a very ocassional visitor on BB, but I did go to one of those meets with my meager collection. Good stuff though.
  9. Dark Horse Dave

    Mini moot

    Sarah and I are up for this!
  10. Dark Horse Dave

    Cold steel special forces shovel

    That's a lot more answer than I could have expected, so very much obliged! Right; I'm off to check out Russian kit.....!
  11. Dark Horse Dave

    Cold steel special forces shovel

    Thanks for that Mowmow. I know what you mean about the Russian stuff and that appeals to me too. In fact I only just managed to hold off buying a veshmeshok on eBay the other day; maybe I should just have gone for it! Out of interest, is there any particular model of gorka you'd go for?
  12. Dark Horse Dave

    Cold steel special forces shovel

    I'm now thinking about getting a shovel of this type. I know it doesn't really matter, but I get put off by stuff with 'special forces' branding. Has anyone has tried an ordinary, Russian army surplus shovel?
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    Wanted: Long ferro inset into antler

    Sorry, I don't know where you could buy such a thing, but as above, they are easy enough to make.
  14. Dark Horse Dave

    BcUK patch.

    And then find something suitable to sew it onto...
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    Suggestions - Whats good to forage now?

    On the tasteless blackberries, I wonder if that was anything to do with how they were oriented in relation to the sun? There's an expression south is sweet or something like that. Just a thought.