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    My first knife arrived!

    Lovey knife,
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    My first knife arrived!

    My therapist say I’m doing well, sharp, shiny, my precious, must look away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What did you buy today?

    Field 410 cleaning kit, simples!
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    Fiskars Camping Axe

    I’ve had the Gerber version of this for 25 years since it first came out, called the baxe, a good will axe great for kindling prep, awful for anything heavier de to the short handle length, i rectified this by making a longer handle to fit into the shaft and works a treat!
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    What did you buy today?

    A large bag of clay, catapult ammo for the garden, practice without the worry of ricochets!
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    expedition pack

    One word for that, impressive!
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    Sheath for a Sheffield bowie

    Sweet, brings back memories of mine back in the 70’s, lost but not forgotten!
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    Offensive Weapons Act 2019: surrender and compensation scheme. December 2020 - March 2021

    Pea shooters are dangerous, you could take an eye out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ray Goodwin Zoom meeting tonight

    Didn’t know it was on otherwise I would have, dam!
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    Covid-19 Travel for exercise - Reasonable distance

    We’re any of you there when those two women were fined? As retired police officer, we are all here to put the case down, look at some of the evidence, both were holding take away drinks, were they bought locally? If not where, where do they live, close by one another, if that was the case why...
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    Hills + radio = fun!

    Sara, I’ve had my baofeng handie now for ten years, still not let me down only replaced the battery, the working parts are a copy of a kenwood handie, 4 times the price! SOTA is good fun and keeps you fit, I use a yaesu ft817 for some time now and it’s a brilliant Radio for QRP (low power...
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    Split cane rod and centre pin reel

    I have my fathers fishing gear, much dates from the 40’s n 50’s, as a kid I was given an ambidex, half bail arm fixed spool which I still have to fish with. When my father passed away I was given all his gear, much I still have, the best of which I still use is his center pin “intrepid" reel...
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    Close Encounter

    Nah, it was funny, once a squaddie always a squaddie!
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    Close Encounter

    Not personally but witness to, whilst in the army in Belize, in the bush so to speak, a guy who had only been in country about a week was been shown around. Everyone gets the trots, getting caught short, need to go quick. so headed off the track and trousers down. We all hear this scream, out...
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    Legal edc bushcraft knife ?

    what about a good old SAK, carry my traveller just about everywhere, uk legal and versatile!