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    Yes mate, I paid extra to Ron at MLD to make the whole pack in Dyneema rather than the netting as it's far tougher wear wise. Many thanks for the offer of a trade, but I'm looking to thin out my kit as I've moved to a house with less storage
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    This backpack is in excellent condition, no rips or blemishes as i also bought the bigger MLD EXODUS pack and tend to use that for my bigger hikes. This is also been made in the full Dyneema, including the 2 side pockets and larger back pouch as well as the top roll section rather than the...
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    For Sale Nato/UK Desert Windproof Smock

    For Sale £35 plus postage NATO/British Desert DP Smock, Combat Windproof....Comes with British flag badge and regimental badge. Size Large(170/96) Perfect condition, no blemishes or tears
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    For Sale Memory Map full UK maps

    For sale £70 plus postage Complete st of Memory Map discs covering the entire mainland of Scotland, England, Wales. Allows you to print of any map in any scale, complete with 3D fly through option. Complete with relevant codes
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    For Sale Karrimor Independence 60-100 Rucksack

    For Sale £80 plus postage or pick up Glasgow Quality Original Karrimor Independence 60 - 100 Ltr rucksack. Great condition, hardly used with no blemishes or tears, Comes with fully adjustable SA Super cool harness. Absolutely tons of storage and pockets. Comes with internal rain cover. Only...
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    Sold MLD Cuben Fibre Solo Grace Tarp

    Mountain Laurel Designs Solo Grace Tarp comes in .75 green DCF (Cuben Fibre) Excellent condition, no tears or rips, Comes with ultralight guylines. Only used a couple of times before I started using MLD Duomid. 190g..... 7 x 5 x 9 (Front x Rear x Ridge line) Comes with MLD Stuffsack Costs $300...
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    Skill share/meetup, Wooplaw woods, Scottish Borders, Fri.23rd-Sun.25th Oct.

    Looking forward to this one....I wonder what Wooplaw is like without the drums lol
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    Uncle Alberts big Send off

    Cool, i'll say to Jason to chuck his spare seat into the van mate, with ref to the lift, there's 3 of us in the front of the van, but if it came to it you could nip into the back bud, unless someone else is heading that way on the Sunday
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    Uncle Alberts big Send off

    As Scott says, this meets still on for the weekend, i will be down at Trool from about midday onwards, we've got a confirmed number of about 18 bodies so far, so as usual it should be a good one....catch you later
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    Uncle Alberts big Send off

    Good man Craig, just give me a bell on the mobile if you need picked up from your bus stop, and i'll come and get you, well i will if im not about 5 miles down the loch on the canoe mate lol
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    Uncle Alberts big Send off

    Thanks Mary, pity you couldn't make it pal, but i hope you enjoy your wee trip anyway
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    Uncle Alberts big Send off

    just a quick bump for this one....the meets still happening next weekend, we've got at least a dozen bodies or more confirmed for it already, most of the guys know about it on our Facebook south of scotland page, but for those who aren't on that, everyone is welcome to attend. i should be down...
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    Uncle Alberts big Send off

    Since it's Uncle Alberts big send off, i suppose it's mandatory that Uncle Albert attends, so with that logic i guess i better say yes then lol
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    Glencoe meet

    2 days to go till the GlenCoe meet, i will be leaving Loch Lomond at about 9am, so should be up at the Red Squirrel campsite for about 11-11.30am. if anyone needs to get hold of me, pm me and i'll give you my mobile number, most people have the info on the BCUK South of Scotland Facebook...