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    Thermarest or exped down mat

    It is a little bit larger than a Nalgene bottle but easily smaller than a bag of flour- I hope that makes some sense :)
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    Leather Holder For My New E-Cig & Quitting Smoking Attempt.....

    Cracking leatherwork and a cracking thing to do too! I'd say stick at it mate, it'll do you the world of good health wise and save you a few bob too - the best of luck with it!
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    The Twodogs Lionheart Forest Shirt

    Looks great! Nicely done :)
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    Thermarest or exped down mat

    I've got a mountain equipment Helios (possibly helium?) inflatable mat, basically their version of a thermarest. It packs small, is light weight and is very comfortable to sleep on. However I do covet an exped down mat - which appears better but is more expensive, however as I've never used one...
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    A Bit of A Palava!

    Nice one! I must admit I'm quite attached to my boat but I do want to put some new seats, yoke & thwart in some nice ash ones too - get rid of the plastic that's in now. It's a great boat though and has accompanied me on many a fine paddling journey. All the best for your trips in your new boat :)
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    Happy Birthday Clouston98

    Hahaha yes I can imagine the earache, plenty of that going on if I'm not vertical when it comes time to leave :lmao:
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    Happy Birthday Clouston98

    Cheers Everyone! Having a good time, I shall raise a pint to you all tonight when I'm in the pub :D
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    Silky genki-temagari saw

    That's a beast! I love my little silky, for a tiny saw it doesn't half tackle some good sized logs, punches above its weight. But that's in a different league, should serve you well!
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    Mora Bushcraft black sheath

    Like the others firesteel and DC3 for me with the addition of a poppered dropper as I like the way the sheath moves when you sit down etc as opposed to digging into you :).
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    The final results of my Dreadhead 2 day Sporran course.

    That's cracking! Hamish is a great guy and I'm lucky enough to own one of his sporrans. The course sounds great and would be something I'd love to do, I can turn my hand to a few things but it's safe to say leather isn't one of them so a course would be something I'd be interested in when I've...
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    Berberis Spork

    Cracking job mate! :)
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    Super charge your bow drill set. The mushroom of immortality.

    Very good idea! I've used chaga as a hearth board before but never thought of using it like that, I'll definitely be giving that a go sometime :).
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    Canvas Tool Roll

    Looks great! Top job :).
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    Wasn't Expecting That!!

    Nice trip and aye I'm not surprised he gave you a shock!
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    Felling a 40m tree

    Great viewing, clearly very skilled and what a size that tree was too, a lot of firewood in that (provided it doesn't go for timber for furniture). Thanks for posting :)