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    R.I.P Dave Jones

    Dave was a true gent of the woods, made me most welcome when I first attended the Bushmoot. Always had time for everyone and will certainly be missed around the campfire :campfire: RIP
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    BcUK Photograph of 2020 - November Heat

    I think its a Fragrant Orchid
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    Wanted Leatherman Juice

    :beerchug: I can highly recommend Wide Open Space as a person to deal with. Excellent Communication and very fast delivery
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    Wanted Leatherman Juice

    pm sent
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    BCUK 2020 Photo Competition - September Heat

    Hi Robbi not until October this is Septembers theme voted on normally early 1st week October ;)
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    What did you buy today?

    Had a bit of luck on a nice small carpentry bench with two vices, advertised for £30 on facebook. Contacted seller but was already spoken for. So thought I had missed out but buyer decided it was to big seller contacted me and made my day. Best bit it turned out to be in the next street down...
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    Wanted Leatherman Juice

    Anyone have any Leatherman Juice models they would consider parting with ideally S2, KF4 or XE6 but would consider others
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    Any Machinists On The Forum?

    I cannot remember what they loaded them up to, it was not my idea of a fitness regime. They used them for reps doing crossfit type training, along with tractor tyres etc
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    Any Machinists On The Forum?

    I cannot remember when you unscrew and take out the valve part, you may be able to remove the pipes etc and seal the openings and reuse cap. The lads on station went for the easiest option
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    Any Machinists On The Forum?

    When they filled some with sand on the fire station they made wooden bungs and hammered them in still surviving after 5 years
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    Wildlife pictures

    A really cool orchid from this mornings dog walk