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    Lords Wood October 30th-1st November 2020

    It was great to meet you all this weekend. Love the woods!... thanks again to woodspirits in particular for sorting it out and to you all for making me feel welcome. Looking forward to the next one already!
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    Lords Wood October 30th-1st November 2020

    By entering your name you indicate you have read and understood the attached guidelines in the OP, please copy and paste this text. 1. Woodspirits 29~01 2. Oliver G 30~01 3. Diamond Dave 30~01 4. Hodge 28~01 5. pieinthesky 30 - 01 6. MikeeMiracle 31~01 7. Johnnyboy1971 30-01 if work allows. 8...
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    LORDS WOOD *New venue*

    Oh man, I feel like a fool to have chosen to work this weekend. Damn jealous to be missing out! There will be at least one meet next month right?
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    Good fjallraven 'trouser' alternatives

    Before getting my first pair of Vidda Pros (What a day!) I was using Scandinavian work trousers. Seemingly UK work clothing is almost impossible to buy at the right size because most brands add about 10" to the advertised to flatter the fat **** builders in this country! I can second that...
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    Clarity on COVID-19 conduct for campsites.

    It seemed like an apt time to rekindle enthusiasm in the recommended campsite thread but the flow has been somewhat interrupted by the slow uptake on campsite openings. Campsites have been allowed to be open from yesterday - 4th July in England. Scotland will have to wait until 15th July. There...
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    Recommended Campsites

    Oaklands leisure and fishery, Shropshire - decent woodland camping as well as fields and pods. On the face of it, pretty damn pricey for one person under a tarp at £20 per night for up to two people. I spent four nights there last year by myself, found a really pretty spot and got three nights...
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    Hi from the Midlands

    Sure thing. I'll skip the 'farewell' meet up and catch you at one of the next two. Thanks for all the welcomes!
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    Hi from the Midlands

    Hello everyone. I've been reading this forum for some time as a guest, seemingly ignoring the fact that I actually already had an account, pillaging knowledge and not contributing. But, for one, I recently discovered there are midlands meet-ups that I might be interested in so I thought I'd...